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Warzone Pro fights unfaithful calls using 5 cameras on Twitch

Yesterday, Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma, a Duty calls Twitch streamer with over 600,000 followers, ran an unusual livestream. While playing Call of Duty Warzone, as he often does, this time he had set up five different camera angles, each pointing to different parts of the game layout. All this was done to combat recent rumors and accusations that Saouma has cheated Duty calls.

Saouma, who has played before Duty calls was professionally accused of cheating by YouTuber BadBoy Beamen in a video posted July 7th. In the short video, BadBoy Beamen points to a few pieces of evidence that he claims Saouma uses a Cronus, a device that uses a specific program to load scripts that change the controller inputs. This led to more people coming out to claim Saouma is cheating.

Saouma pushed back against these allegations via a short video on Twitter where he admitted that he actually had the software on his PC. But he claimed that this was a remnant from the back when he played Call of Duty: WWII professionally. According to Saouma, many other professionals used the Cronus device during these tournaments because they provided better PC connection controls than the devices provided by the people who ran the event. He said that too Cronus devices have a “tournament mode“That disables features that provide an unfair advantage, such as being able to draw incredibly fast drop shots or activate sticky targets.

However, in another video from BadBoy Beamen uploaded yesterday, Saouma faced several allegations of cheating and lying. BadBoy used footage and screenshots from a recent stream where Saouma turned out to delete the software. But under that power, as BadBoy pointed out, you can see that Saouma had installed Cronus on its current PC this year. This seems to contradict Saouma̵

7;s claims that the software and device were a remnant of his WWII per days. (Cwhole Duty WWII was released back in 2017.) This new video led to even more people pushing the streamer over cheating War zone.

For a popular streamer like Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma, being accused of cheating is no small thing. It can cost him viewers, can damage his reputation and make it harder for him to participate in tournaments and events in the future. Kotaku has reached out to Saouma about the situation and the ongoing allegations.

So to push back against all these cheating allegations, Saouma set up a five-camera livestream late July 8th. The angles with five cameras showed the PC, the controller, the face, the screens and the general desktop layout. He also spent almost 20 minutes at the start of the power and showed his setup, explained how he plays with a PS5 controller and refutes allegations that he had recently installed Cronus. And for some, this was enough. For others on the internet, it was not. Maybe 10 cameras might do the trick?

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