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Warzone players love the secret change of the season 4 patch to zipline mobility

Warzone players can now use ziplines at the same time as their teammates. Players were delighted to find this mechanic who was not accounted for when the Season Four Reloaded update rolled out to the live servers.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded is live and with this update came many changes to the game we all know and love. One of the biggest changes went unnoticed when it was originally omitted from the patch notes released by Raven Software.

Warzone zipline mechanic changed

It became clear to the community when a clip on Warzone subreddit was posted by “aur0n” which showed the new mechanic who allowed several people on the zipline at the same time.

As you can see in the clip, all three players managed to recover right after the person in front of them came on the zipline. Previously, players had to wait for their teammate or enemy to reach the top before they could use it themselves. An interaction that previously would take around 20 seconds now takes just over five seconds to complete. Cutting time down by almost 75% will allow troops to play at a much faster and more aggressive pace.

Redditor ‘dknisle1’ said, “it could be the biggest change in the patch. This could be a game changer. Especially in ATC.” At the Warzone airport, there is an air traffic control tower that can only be climbed by climbing on a zipline. This is very friendly for motorhomes and snipers.

Another editor, ‘Baxterftw’, agreed, saying, “ATC tower campers will not like this. It’s going to be fun to push it now.” With this change, it will make it much harder for a team to hold down the tower without taking some losses along the way.

This also has a major impact on rebirth. Some buildings have ziplines to ascend, such as Prison Block and Nova 6 Factory. The roofs of these buildings are ordinary campsites for troops, and now teams can squeeze together to take over these buildings to gain victory.

Since the release of the note, Warzone devs has confirmed in a tweet that this was an intended change and not a mistake, which means it is here to stay. Raven Software has since updated the update notes to include the change.

Other players are happy with the change, but still feel that more can be added to this aspect of Warzone. ‘Henryjhutchins’ on Twitter is very excited, but wants to be able to shoot off as you go up a zipline.

This change has been something that the Warzone community has been interested in for a while, and can definitely have a big impact on the pace of the game.

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