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Warzone players dissatisfied as July ban wave removes 50K hackers

The wave of bans in July has come to Warzone when Raven Software removed over 50,000 hackers. But the players are still not happy and are not shy about their feelings.

There has been quite a buzz around the Warzone community lately with games being destroyed by hackers. Whether it is invisible, fenced or just aiming for bottles, society has asked to take action against these scammers.

Warzone players received some good news regarding hackers, but that is still not the answer society is looking for.

While around 50,000 hackers were banned on July 16 by Raven Software, the community does not seem to believe that this will help the free-to-play game’s scam problem.

Warzone ban waves not enough, fans want anti-cheating

According to Activision, Warzone has over 100 million players, so society feels that banning less than 1% of the player base will not solve the problem of hackers running through Verdansk.

People took the frustration out of the Twitter responses, with one named ‘internalcnflct’ laughing at devs because hackers will be able to create new accounts.

Other players all asked the same question: when will there be a proper anti-cheating in the game?

‘DeltaKila’ is tired of hackers and wants to know if devs are ready to get serious about it.

Warzone streamer Stukawaki was permanently banned live in the middle of a tournament. It turns out that someone hacked into his account and lurked in Warzone lobbies. Warzone has a two-factor authentication system, and when players set it up, they receive two Double Battle Pass XP tokens.

Forbidden to be too good?

Brett Hayes along with other people claim that devs ban people who do not even hack. So it draws attention to what the Raven Software “anti-cheat” system consists of.

Other responses include people who post their Activision IDs and claim that they were unlawfully banned while playing the game.

Raven Software has not announced what goes into their banning process or their plans for a proper anti-cheat, but society will not let them hear the end of it until it happens. Prohibition waves do not seem to cut it anymore.

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