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Warzone players claim that TTK is too fast after Black Ops Cold War changes

Call of Duty: Warzone players are asking developers Raven to adjust the game’s Royal Time to Kill (TTK), with many fans claiming that it has increased rapidly since the Black Ops Cold War integration.

The Call of Duty series has become synonymous with fast-paced running and gun FPS action. One of the pins in the series is a fairly fast TTK, which means you can release the enemy players very quickly, who then react and are back in action in a short time.

However, the Battle Royale formula is a bit different, with games that are significantly longer and provide no answers (beyond the ability to buy back teammates or win the Gulag when you are eliminated). Some fans get frustrated with TTK in Warzone, which they claim is too fast for a battle king.


Players have claimed that TTK has been accelerating since Black Ops Cold War integration in December.

One player suggested that the game could not be played “like a BR”, and compared it to the CoD series hardcore mode, which drops players’ health to 30 (meaning they die in one or two shots).

“I’ve been playing since the game came online last year,” they said. “People complained about Grau and other weapons integration before the Cold War, but at least we had actual shootings. Now if you are discovered first, even just a few meters from someone, you have no chance. Why play a game where you are immediately deleted, only to sit and wait 10 minutes hoping that your teammate can just buy you back ashore and be completely deleted again. ”

Another player repeated the complaints and said: “TTK for this game has gone down to ridiculously low levels, and it’s really starting to feel like playing multiplayer with one life … it feels like I’m dying before I even have the chance to react, find cover or shoot back. ”

A number also highlighted the integration with Black Ops Cold War, and speculated whether the supply of new weapons has had a knock-on effect on TTK. “Ever since the integration, TTK has been faster, and this can be incredibly annoying to play against,” said one. “Being radiant without even being able to react in time can make the game so frustrating.”

Ttk since integration has become much faster from CODWarzone

At the moment, the key factor in Warzone’s TTK armor. Armor significantly reduces damage to incoming bullets, but a player can only have three armor in use at a time. This can potentially be raised to four, but this is likely to have an impact on switching speeds, the viability of armored vehicles and more.

Of course, the easier option is to simply reduce the damage effect of weapons, or adjust the firing speed.

While many players feel that Warzone’s TTK needs adjustments, others will no doubt prefer the very fast-paced action, so that they can knock down full teams, if they are skilled enough. Any change in TTK that goes too far in the other direction can also have a serious negative effect.

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