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Warzone players are angry at the “pay to win” Modern Warfare sniper plan

Fans of Call of Duty: Warzone have been left scratching their heads again, as another ‘good mode’ bug, which gives players invincibility and invisibility, plagues Armored Royale LTM.

Warzone fans have become more than accustomed to bugs and bugs in the game, with many expressing their frustrations with the game’s development team.

Some accuse them of being too slow to fix issues, as well as causing more issues with unrelated updates. Hitmarkers broke, for example, after the update on February 6, which fixed the return of the infinite stimulation error.

Following the merger with Black Ops Cold War on December 1

6, an invisibility bug raised its ugly head in Warzone. This allowed players to be completely hidden, all while shooting and attacking enemies as normal. It was immediately patched, but an even worse bug has now become widespread in the Armored Royale playlist.

Warzone Armored Royale Trucks

Armored Royale has trucks that offer large reinforcements.

The new bug, noticed by many Reddit users on February 6, shows players not only invisible but also invincible. On the chance that players can find and beat their invisible opponents, they must fight with unlimited health. It is fair to say that it is a game-breaking error that plagues the Armored Royale LTM.

A player shared a clip from a late game, and jumped down a rocky landscape for coverage. They are then downed and killed by an unseen enemy. The kill camera then rubs salt into the wound, showing an opponent right in front of the player and simply invisible.

The caption claims that this is the second time the special error has occurred after the update on 6 February.

Invisibility glitch back? This was my second meeting after the update (0:12) from CODWarzone

There were many other posts, all indications are that the error is particularly prevalent in Armored Royale. It is not yet clear if it bothers other playlists, as standard mode. Some posts about the bug have since been removed from Warzone subreddit, for unclear reasons.

Hopefully, given the significant issues caused by the bug, we’ll see a quick update from Raven Software. While helicopters were identified as a cause after the BOCW merger, it is not yet clear what lies behind the game-breaking god mode error. The only thing that is clear is that it is worse than ever, and destroys matches for innocent players.

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