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Warzone Player ends the game with the ultimate disrespect

Securing a victory in Warzone is no easy task, but completing a battle in style requires even more skill. Take a look at this crazy game from a Warzone player that gives a win in style.

Warzone can literally be a warzone sometimes, with cheaters as a huge problem, and it has become a difficult task to secure victory. However, a Warzone player has managed to pull off an insanely risky game.

While some players may prefer to play safer and more carefully, other Warzone players will engage in some disrespectful games to really improve their victory at Battle Royale.

Call of Duty: Warzone Insane Play

The current clip shows how having a particularly good game can really increase the player̵

7;s confidence. Sometimes, when the game goes the right way, you may feel inclined to take more risks.

A Warzone player has managed to achieve the unexpected in an incredibly risky move. The play involves a particularly infamous part of Warzone’s map, Dam.

In the play there are two troops left and desperate for the victory, the final zone certainly does no favors for them. In the end, it turns out that a Warzone player has high ground.

If you happen to be playing alone, it’s the best tactic to win Warzone Solo matches easily. If you do not have a squad to rely on, trust yourself instead.

Warzone Battle
(Source: Activision)

Furthermore, Warzone players may be surprised at what they can deduct when the cards are in their favor. If you’ve not seen it before, this may be Warzone’s best throwing knife kill ever.

In the clip, an unfortunate Warzone player has found himself stuck at the bottom of Dam, while a player and his other teammates are right at the top.

By jumping off the dam, he is able to swing in and get a shot to secure the victory of his squad, just before they hit the ground. In this case, the risky game has definitely worked.

Overall, it’s a pretty impressive game, the unfortunate Warzone player will probably not forget it soon. Similarly, it’s not the only drop tactic, some Warzone players have found an incredible way to get killed.

Warzone Update – Season 2

Warzone players can be happy to hear about Treyarch’s plan for season 2 content. For more information about new season 2 Verdansk points of interest, killing lines and more, see our overview here.

If you enjoyed this Warzone player’s Dam game, you may also want to know how to run up Dam with this new Warzone trick. It can allow you to escape a situation like the one you see in the clip.

Furthermore, if you have not already done so, we recommend trying FFAR. A new secret buff has turned FFAR into an unstoppable killing machine. If you’re looking for an easier time in Warzone, we suggest you pick it up.

Here is the Reddit clip in the question below, see exactly what unfolded in the climax of this match. Maybe all that is needed, in the end, is a little style and confidence.

(Source: Reddit)

Interestingly, streamers have also issued their verdict on the best weapons in the Warzone for February 2021. If you are interested in grabbing a few more wins, we suggest you take a look at what streamers say.

In other news, Activision has promised to fix Warzone’s cheating problem again. The problem is so serious that many players are furious at the state of the game.

Finally, a new Warzone map leak has revealed the end of the Verdansk incident. It seems that the players will travel from Verdansk to a completely new and exciting map.

We will continue to keep you updated on news for Call of Duty: Warzone, as well as other COD titles such as Black Ops Cold War. Stay tuned for more updates both in the near and long term.

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