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Warframes The New War expansion gets a 30-minute trailer on Tennocon

Warframe fan event Tennocon has just come to an end. It culminated in a 30-minute game video for The New War, Warframes’ next major expansion, which you can see below.

VOD on the trailer is not live yet, but you can watch it as part of the entire archive stream below. Installation will begin at 5:42:18.

Recent Tennocons have announced a new expansion, and usually one that adds a new open world to the live service looter shooter. The new war is different. Originally announced back in 201

8, The New War is a story campaign where players will change perspectives were different characters instead of playing as their normal war framework.

The trailer jumps around and shows three playable characters: a Grineer soldier named Kahl 175, then a Corpus engineer named Veso, then a Tenno swordsman named Teshin, who has already been featured in previous history quests such as The War Within.

Warframe has always had movie missions, but I’m not as familiar with them as I am loot loops and open world. The trailer above is impressive stuff, though. It’s a scale and polish to it that I do not associate with Warframe. I also love some of Warframes’ creature designs, which only often have features, such as an eight-arm thing that tears open its own torso to reveal a portal. This is why we named Warframe one of the best free PC games.

Tennocon 2021 also brought the announcement of crossover games and crossovers between all platforms, which means that you will eventually be able to play Warframe seamlessly with your friends in console country. Warframe also comes to mobile, which is big news, though not for us, the world’s only PC gaming site.

The new war is expected to arrive later in 2021.

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