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Warby Parker’s new app lets you skip personal business tests

Warby Parkers Virtual Vision Test-app

Picture: Warby Parker

Does anyone actually like eye exams? Probably not, especially if your vision has not changed, but the silent website you are trying to order glasses or contact lenses from will not allow you to buy them. because the prescription expired last week. For these people, Warby Parker announced today that it has updated its telehealth renewal app to be faster and easier.

The app, which has been renamed Virtual Vision Test by Warby Parker, allows qualified users to renew glasses or contact lenses recipes in 10 minutes from an iPhone 6s or later. The company says the test does not require a computer, credit card or ruler – which is sometimes used when ordering glasses online to determine things like pupil distance (PD). The only requirement is that you must be between 18-65 years old, have no health problems, and that you see well with the current prescription for single vision. (The app does not work for bifocals or progressive lenses.)

According to Warby Parker, the app guides users through a short qualifying quiz. From there, it uses a mix of Apple’s Vision Framework technology and a proprietary algorithm to measure how far you are from the phone. Because of this, however, Android users are not lucky.

As for the test itself, it is similar to the letters you read in different sizes from a chart in an ophthalmologist’s office. The company notes that while you do not need extra equipment, you must wear your current glasses or contacts a copy of the current prescription, and has about 10 meters of space in a quiet, well-lit area.

Generally, home prescription technologies are a bit of a hassle and does not work as well for those of us with strong prescriptions or severe astigmatism. Gizmodo reviewed a similar product, the EyeQue Vision Check, and found it to be less accurate than a doctor’s prescription. However, the app’s claims seem less sketchy because It does not give you a new prescription or claim to evaluate your eye health. Just check if your current prescription is still effective. Warby Parker also says that each result is evaluated by an ophthalmologist within two days. If all goes well, you will receive a renewed prescription. If not, you will be advised to schedule a full eye examination. The good news is that the renewal only costs $ 15, and you do not have to pay if you are recommended to take a personal exam.

As with all healthcare technology, it is important to remember that practical tools like this are certainly not meant to replace a visit to healthcare professionals.. (Trust me, you will not go 12 years without consulting your eye doctor.) However, considering the past year, such telecom tools can be useful in certain situations. In this case, this app can be useful for people in rural areas who can not easily get to the doctor, or for those who do not yet feel comfortable with personal appointments.

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