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Walmart sells the 2018 128GB iPad for $ 100 today

If you plan to get someone to iPad for a vacation, it's a good day to do it. Now Walmart sells the 2018 128GB 9.7-inch iPad with Wi-Fi for just $ 329 down $ 100 from its normal retail price.

Or set it like this: $ 329 is Apple's normal price for the entry-level 32GB model, but Walmart's offer gives you four times the storage space for the same amount of money. Believe me, you will certainly have that storage, especially if you plan to keep the tablet filled with many pictures, games or movies.

If you do not need it, you will still be pleased to know that Target sells entry-level 201

8 32GB 9.7-inch iPad for just $ 250 . It's a saving of $ 80. If you do not need all the extra storage space for downloading media or games, you'll find this a great device for reading, notes, or easy work.

Also, remember that the 2018 9.7-inch iPad comes with first-generation Apple Pencil support, which was previously available only to iPad Pro owners. That means you can use this device to draw, take handwritten notes or easily highlight PDFs for work or school. Walmart and Target Both sell $ 100 Apple Pencil, but it's not really on sale at any place. Walmart offers a small $ 5 discount, but lets you pick it up for just $ 95.

I had this to say about Apple's new iPad when i reviewed it in April:

"In our review of last year's 9, 7 -No iPad, we said it was a "better choice than iPad Pro for many users", and the addition of Apple Pencil support and a faster processor make it especially true for this year's model. For $ 329 you get a large tablet like feels like it's very skilled but without any quality of life. For a general school, business or pleasure tablet, it's no better than this. "

I've seen many great deals on iPads lately, but these certainly count as some of the best. I can not imagine that the prices will be much lower than this before the holiday so I would jump on these deals while you still can.

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