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View a 986-HP Ferrari SF90 Stradale Break the Road Course Record at Indy

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is Ferrari’s very first plug-in hybrid. It qualifies for a federal tax credit that probably won’t be the deciding factor between dropping hundreds of thousands on the most powerful Ferrari ever, and say a Chevy Bolt.

The question is not really about you wishes an SF90 Stradale, of course. If someone offered you one, you obviously would not refuse it. But will you use well over half a million dollars on one? Even those who have so much money, need some kind of kudos beyond car journalists who think it’s great. That’s where things like track records come in, and the Ferrari SF90 Stradale knows all about it on the Indianapolis Motor Speedways roadway.

Ferrari has definitely spun around a few of the iconic times. Three weeks ago it was cheering on an SF90 Stradale around Nordschleife, but nothing seems to have come out of it, so it was either preparation for a run, or Ferrari did not get the times it hoped for.

At IMS, however, gold has been hit. Stradale took the production car record by a large margin and sat in front of two race cars around the road that is run at the Indy Grand Prix.

The lap Ferrari announced was 1

: 29.625, with a top speed of 174.5 mph. It was completed during the rich Ferrari Racing Days by one of the professional drivers. Francesco Arati is a former rally driver who has never had a special racing record, but there are safe few hands to give a performance to.

It’s faster than the NASCAR lap record (1: 30.522 in the Ford Mustang) and only 3.2 seconds shy of the Ferrari Challenge record (1: 26.386), given that it’s not a car that is legal and does not drive tires that are legal , is a fairly small margin.

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