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Vertagear apologizes for posting sexist Tweet [Update]

Update: Vertagear sent a new apology via email to PC Gamer. In the email, Vertagear called tweets an “unacceptable error” and acknowledged that the “person responsible for these posts will no longer be with the company” that applies today. Full statement is below.

On July 18, 2021, we wrote a distasteful and offensive post on Twitter. Although we never intended to be sexist, nor do we in any way tolerate this kind of thought and behavior, it was an unacceptable mistake.

Unfortunately, the content on social media over the years has on several occasions included similar languages ​​and themes, which is a pattern we are certainly not proud of and need to correct immediately to be more respectful of not just the gaming community, but everyone.

This type of action will not be tolerated in the future. With effect from today, the individual who is responsible for these positions will no longer be with the company. We have taken the time to reflect on the situation and restructure the way the business is run here at Vertagear, starting by immediately increasing the level of gender diversity in all facets of the company̵

7;s business, including overseeing all content on social media.

Vertagear works to create a more inclusive platform, work environment and presence on social media and will introduce several additional protocols in the future to ensure that these new standards are maintained.

We hope you accept our sincere apology, to the whole community and to everyone who was offended by these posts. Although we cannot take back our actions, we can and will do everything in our power to change for the better.

Gaming chair and manufacturer of accessories, Vertagear, has apologized for a sexist tweet that was published on its official Twitter account yesterday.

The current tweet can be seen here (it is the first screenshot), and while it was deleted shortly after it went up, it had already received criticism. Vertagear responded today with a statement about the tweet, and quoted how “discrimination and bias is the opposite” of what they want to create for society.

The statement appears to be specific and exclusive to the tweet posted on July 18. However, the company has a history of sexist and clever tweets that this statement does not address.

As Laura Hirsbrunner pointed out on Twitter, yesterday’s tweet was not the first tweet that relied on this brand with humor from the manufacturer of gaming accessories.

Four discriminatory tweets are already four more than any company should make, but Hirsbrunner discovered at least seven more.

Twitter user Xironium also pointed out another previous tweet showing Vertagear using an offensive term commonly used against people with disabilities.

The statement Vertagear issued today does not address any of the company’s other harmful tweets, such as those shown above, but it states that “action has been taken and a clearer and more defined guideline has been created to help us ensure that similar incidents will not happen in the future. ”

It’s great for the company’s future, but what about the past? The statement says Vertagear is looking for “constructive feedback on how we can improve” and many have already posted the company’s other offensive tweets in response. Maybe that will cause the company to acknowledge its other offensive tweets.

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