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VALORANT’s new Sentinels of Light package unveiled, includes Vandal, Op, Sheriff, Ares and melee

Riot picks up where VALORANT is Ruin skins let go and drop for a second League of Legends-theme bundle.

Sentinels of Light is the counterpart to Ruination – a sister pack that includes skins for the vandal, the operator, the sheriff, Ares and the melee.

Riot’s premium content art lead Sean Marino and senior producer Preeti Khanolkar discussed the game’s upcoming Sentinels of Light package in an interview with HITSCAN’s RyanCentral today.

“As with Ruination, we have this as a kind of back-to-back theme that we broadcast, which is also related to League, ”In Marino. “And this is about the opposite of the destroyed faction, it̵

7;s the Sentinels champions fighting the Ruin.”

Sentinels are an established order of protectors who fight against the darkness and push back evil, Marino explained. They are an ancient order of hunters that was originally founded on the Blessed Islands and consists of masters scattered over League universe. Lucian, Senna and the game’s last champion, Akshan, are just a few members of the faction.

Senna in particular is the key to the Sentinels of Light package. The champion was one of the first Sentinels Riot to be exposed to players. “She has this weapon – a kind of old, magical weapon that has these crystals that just shoot,” Marino said. “It simply came to our notice then [the Sentinels’] weapon is the light that pierced the darkness. ”

Her weapon has a similar look and feel to the Sentinels of Light package and is instantly recognizable by Vandal, Sheriff and Melee. “This is very similar to the good against the evil, the light against the dark, we play for,” said Marino.

The base variant of the bundle is white, gold and black with a crystalline barrel and a reflective surface. It is almost the opposite of the dark and gravelly ruin package. But it also comes in several different colors, including pink, “Reyna” purple and “watermelon” red and green.

“[These variants] is different from the others, ”said Khanolkar. “They are a little more glamorous, a little more feminine. We have not really done that [before]. ”

The package, similar to Ruination, also has a weapon buddy, player cards and a new melee style. “[The melee is] quite built up some of the other styles we’ve had before, but we just wanted it to feel a little different, ”said Marino.

The Sentinels of Light package is likely to hit VALORANT is shop the next few days. The complete list of details, including a price, has not yet been revealed. But if Ruination is anything to go by, it will give players back 8700 VP or around $ 85.

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