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VALORANT’s Episode 3, Act 1 Battle Pass features lore-inspired gun skins, a surprised penguin and more

The latest match pass has something for everyone.

VALORANT is Episode Three, Act One pass will give players back 1000 VP (around $ 10) and has gun skins, gun mates, cards, sprays, titles and important Radianite points.

As usual, there are three weapon themes included in the battle pass. There are throwbacks, agent-themed puzzle skins, the sleek and shiny Monarch skins and the dark, lore-inspired K / TAC skins.

The match fit comes down to reflection. Devs wanted to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary with a nod to the past. The colorful Jigsaw skins for Ghost, Judge, Ares and Guardian include key art for agents, while the black, pink and purple K / TAC skins for Sheriff, Bulldog, Operator, Vandal and Melee follow the story and the story. of the game.

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Players have requested more lore-based content, and it’s been a year since the release of the latest lore-inspired tracks, so the devs decided to make the K / TAC tracks, according to Riot.

The concepts for these rails were created many years ago. They were originally intended as basic weapons, but Riot replaced them with standard standard skins that fans know and love today.

The K / TAC rails have the word “Kingdom” printed on them, referring to the Kingdom Kingdom organization. Kingdom is a mysterious, vicious company that aims to harness the power of Radianite.

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After a confusing event hit Earth (or Earth-1) called “First Light”, people were endowed with special abilities – including Phoenix, Astra and Sage.

Kingdom has accounted for three quarters of the world’s energy production. But this new source of energy, created by the first light and abundance of radianite, is beginning to have unintended consequences for the world.

In addition to weapon skins, players will also get a lot of “fun” content out of the new combat pass. This content is mostly metametic, according to Riot. The pass includes the player cards “Force” and “Save”, “Max Money”, “Clutch or Kick” and “No Pen” spray and more.

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But there are also more bright and humorous cosmetics like “Rubber Ducky”, “Salmon Nigiri” and “Caught” the gun mates, “Feel the Rush” card and “Surprised Penguin” spray.

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Dan the Penguin, which can be found near a flipped table next to Ascent’s Wine, dabbles in the previous match. But now he is shocked to make an appearance again in the last pass.

Image via Riot Games

In all, there are 13 weapon skins, several variants, 16 sprays, 12 player cards and nine weapon buddies available in Episode Three, the Act One battle pass, which is expected to go live on Tuesday 22 June.

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