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Valheim “Master Chef” mod adds 25 delicious new recipes • Eurogamer.net

I have a confession: despite the fact that Valheim is apparently about hunting scary monsters, I have instead become obsessed with making large piles of food. I’ve even made a “snack shack” on my server so my friends can pick up food while you’re on the go, and I regularly add supplies to keep it well stocked.

Food is very important in Valheim – it is important for maintaining your health while roaming through dangerous biomes, and it is especially important for boss fights. Snacks are often quite challenging to make, and require a mix of farming, hunting and gathering to provide the necessary resources, and you can not just load on one type of food: Viking needs a balanced diet to be happy. All this I think means that making a pile of sausages feels enormously rewarding in Valheim … when you stop thinking about the origin of the entrails.

But what if there were several recipes, which use a wider variety of ingredients, and which require several stages of prep? This is where the Master Chef mod for Valheim comes in. Made by hrve and available on Nexus Mods, Courage adds 25 new recipes to the game, and even introduces some previously inedible items as recipes.

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I tried the ripe for myself, and I love the range of new recipes it introduces – it’s everything from pancakes to vegetable smoothies. For recipes such as deer taco and pork head terrine, courage allows you to use animal trophies as ingredients, and gives a nice use of these elements (which normally only clog my coffins). If you make breakfast for the guests, I would suggest that you try the dragon omelette, as one egg will give you 20 aids.


Moden also introduces some recipes that require a few layers of prep – before you can make a carrot butter and jelly sandwich, for example, you have to make a Duke’s Jelly, another recipe that requires cranberries and honey. To make fried foods like tail skewers, you must first make carrot oil, then start saving some carrot seeds.


It is worth noting that there are some limits to this ripe: the foods currently have only 2D sprites and no 3D models, so throwing one on the floor will give you a similar element from the vanilla game. Many of the recipes also require items from the plains, but hrve has said that they will consider adding more recipes at a lower level in future updates.

Still, it’s a great little mod for those who want to spice up their games, and a convenient way to use spare parts. If you want to try this for yourself, you must first install BepInEx and JotunnLib, as these are necessary prerequisites for the courage to work. Co-author hrve has also provided a useful chart of the correct folder structure, so check out the Master Chef mod description to make sure you have everything set up correctly.

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