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User-friendly, hands-free driving aid for the masses

Like General Motors Super Cruise and Tesla’s autopilot before that (a lot before that), BlueCruise feels like a useful way to make commuting step by step less stressful. And with Ford rolling out the technology later in the quarter on the Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150, it will likely have a much greater effect overall: The company expects a possible rate of about 15 percent for F-150 buyers. Given that Ford is selling 700,000 to 800,000 F-Series trucks in good years, the number of BlueCruisers will scale rapidly.

Some trims on new 2021 model years by Mach-E and F-150 buyers have already been able to specify vehicles with a BlueCruise prep-pack, which includes all the necessary hardware and only requires a $ 600 over-the-air software update to activate. And Ford̵

7;s prices are actually reasonable in context.

Compared to Cadillac’s $ 2,500 Super Cruise sticker price (no word on Chevrolet or GMC pricing yet), BlueCruise is a little cheaper – at least for trucks. As part of the Ford Co-Pilot 360 Active 2.0 package on the F-150, the hands-free system will run for a total of $ 1,595. On the Mach-E, BlueCruise will be standard on the California Route 1, Premium and First Edition trimmer, or can be shipped with the Comfort and Technology package on the Select trimmer for $ 3,200.

But! BlueCruise will probably charge you a monthly subscription fee after the three-year service period is over, just like Super Cruise does. A Ford representative confirmed that BlueCruise will go on sale in Q3, but I will update this post if I get a more specific timeline.

The general in Ford seen from behind

Ford will probably have a large number of users in a short time thanks to the F-150 sales volume. But in the first quarter of 2022, things may feel a little less super than GM hands-free technology.

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