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US Army allocates Microsoft $ 480 million HoloLens contract

The US Army has awarded Microsoft a $ 480 million contract to deliver the military branch with as many as 100,000 HoloLens reinforced reality heads for training and combat purposes, according to Bloomberg .

Microsoft broke out other leading amplified real estate law firms, such as Magic Leap, who announced that it would participate in the bidding process back in September. Microsoft has been successful and focuses mainly on corporate markets, unlike Magic Leap, which has focused on the barely existing consumer market. Microsoft has also previously sold some headphones to the military. But this contract would go far beyond the previous cooperation, and could greatly expand the headset.

"Augmented Reality Technology will give troops more and better information to make decisions, wrote a Microsoft spokesman in an email to Bloomberg ." This new work extends our long-standing, reliable relationship with the Defense Department to this new

According to Bloomberg the military headsets will vary widely from the existing HoloLens design. They will include thermal sensing and night vision and are used both in training and on the battlefield. Microsoft is expected to deliver at least 2,500 units of the headset of the military branch over the next two years.

Cooperation between technology companies and the US military has been strong over the last year, with employees of money paper protesting against the agreements and challenging executives in their respective companies to retreat . Last month, Google left the bid process for Pentagon's $ 10 billion JEDI contract. Microsoft has continued city ​​on the deal, despite the fact that employees disagree with the move.

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