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UPS drivers threw a birthday parade for the employee who recovered from Covid-19

William Torres fought Covid-19 in a Texas hospital for 64 days, partly in the ICU, before being released. This week, his friends and colleagues at UPS celebrated his birthday with a parade, CNN-affiliated KOSA reported.

With friends by his side, Torres watched a procession of vehicles – UPS trucks, motorcycles and fancy cars – line up to wish him good luck with the day.

“It was great,” Torres told KOSA. “Because in the hospital I had to have a guest, and my wife wanted to go every day. But seeing a bunch of people is a whole different thing.”

UPS staff who organized the parade said Torres is outstanding.


7;s someone who will light up a room when he walks in with just a smile,” UPS driver Lori Ripplinger told KOSA.

The birthday parade is the first time many of his friends and colleagues have seen Torres since December – and the reunion was warmly welcomed.

“For everyone who showed up, it would be appreciated,” Simon Sanchez, another UPS employee, told KOSA. “I know it made his day, because it was unexpected from where he was a few months ago to where he is now.”

Torres wants people to take the virus seriously

UPS employees told KOSA that they were concerned about Torres after finding out how seriously the virus affected him.

Even Torres said he thought for a while that the virus could kill him.

“It was like you could not breathe,” he said. “Like, let me cover your mouth with your hand and leave you only a small opening for you to breathe.”

After 64 days in hospital, Torres was released – but the recovery is not over. He said he hopes other people take the virus seriously, so as not to develop a serious case like his.

“A lot of people catch it and they get a mild version of it,” he said. “But if you get the serious version I did, it will try to kill you. I say you use your mask. It’s (not) worth dying for, you know?”

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