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Update on Windows October 10 is now finally available to "advanced users"

  Update for Windows October 10 is now finally available for

As you can see, we got most kinks out & # 39;

THE TIREYARD BLAZE (we needed something worse as "dumpster four") that is the update to Windows 10 in October 2018, is now available. Ish.

Microsoft confirmed Tuesday that the bug-stretched bork box that has crossed beta blocking is now available to all "advanced users". If you're not sure if it's you, then it's simple ̵

1; are you the type of person who enters the update screen and hits "check for updates" a lot?

Yes, you.

As we discussed last week, Microsoft releases non-essential updates without flagging them for installation, which means they are only available with manual control. Otherwise, they will only install when you make the next Patch Tuesday run.

When we heard that this was for "advanced users," we assumed it was a manual installation using the Windows Media Creation Tool. Something that is based on previous experience is not really suitable for it your daily driver.

There are still a number of blocks in place, where users can be affected by some of the unwanted errors, but the big ones like cheating files have been removed, so most people outside a corporate environment should be good at going.

For those who have not followed this particular car accident, Microsoft first launched the October 2018 update as part of its two-year Windows As -A-Service (WaaS) policy. It soon became apparent that users without enough hard disk space for the download had their personal files dried to fit.

This was followed by a unnecessary bore of litany covering everything from disappearing ZIP files, to show drivers, to file error – the latter is still unresolved and will not be until January.

As we went, we tried this morning and were greeted with a big fat negatively on our machine, so we're pretty sure this is still not available to everyone, so far.

Probably for the best. If you do not miss it, it's best to wait until it's freely distributed. μ

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