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Upcoming iPhone 13 designs described in leaked CAD files

In context: The prolific Apple scrubber Jon Prosser leaked renditions of the upcoming iPhone 13 in his latest episode of Front Page Tech. The design does not reveal anything groundbreaking. In fact, Prosser notes that most of the features that can be retrieved from the CAD files have already been leaked.

According to the design files, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are slightly thicker than the iPhone 12 to accommodate a larger battery. The front notch is smaller. The rear camera setup is set up in a diagonal direction. Physically, there is nothing more to learn from CAD renderings alone that have not already made the rounds in the rumor mill.

The only real news here is something Prosser himself did during the broadcast. He made the CAD files publicly available on Google Drive. Anyone can download the STEP files for iPhone 1

3 and iPhone 13 Pro from the links in Prossers video.

“You know what? F *** it,” Prosser said after revealing the overwhelming renditions. “I’m in the mood today. Has anyone ever given you CAD files for an unreleased iPhone before?”

Exclusive CAD files of unreleased products are not something leaks usually publish. Legal gray areas aside, Prosser feels confident that the files will not reveal anything that will put Apple’s legal team on its back. In addition, the STEP files are named Generic Smartphone and Generic Smartphone Pro, presumably to avoid trademark claims.

If you are interested and have AutoCAD, you can download one or both files and open them naturally. You can also view the 3D models using an online STP view like the one on ShareCAD, although the models may not be rendered as well.

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