Google is currently working on a new Google Photo feature that lets you share a link with your friends and request photos. It can be a great way to gather all the memories of a special event or family event, or even just a way to check out something you were not able to attend yourself.

We know about this latest Photos feature thanks to extraordinary app survey Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane). Her screenshots display a new banner at the top of the Google Photos Sharing tab titled ̵

6;Ask friends for photos’, which then takes you to a screen with a custom link that you can send to your friends or family.

As long as the recipient has Google Photos (probably on iOS or Android), they will be able to share a bunch of bulk photos with the sender. This can be a useful reminder if you have been asking someone for certain snaps for some time and they continue to forget. It would also be a great way to combine photos of a birthday party or wedding from different guests so you can then create a shared album for all to see.

As with all ongoing features like this, no one knows when it will be available to the masses. It looks like it’s ready to go, so it should not be too long.