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Unreal PT is almost identical to P.T. demo

Here's something for people who could never play Hideo Kojima's P.T. or who deleted it from their PS4: Unreal PT.

Unreal PT is almost identical to the original P.T. demo released on PlayStation 4 and you can download it for free on PC.

You can thank Radius Gordello for Unreal PT, who recreated textures, models, animations and code from scratch. Some assets were reused.

"Even though I set out to make all the possessions all the way, I felt it would have taken away the authenticity of the whole experience if I recreated some of the more iconic: Lisa, Norman and baby's models, baby's animations, the radio and the pictures in the pictures, Gordello said.

"In addition to this, I also had to use the original sounds because I do not know much about sound creation itself. "

The only things missing in unreal PT, according to Ars Technica who played it, is the original PT intro and demo pre-rendered end. Ars suggests people are new to PT's experience finds a breakthrough on YouTube after completing the UPT to see what was not included.

When talking about videos, you can see the one from any game to see the first 14 minutes of unreal PT.

While it can be played with VR headphones, it's pretty broken. Gordello admits there were issues that way when he didn't have access to VR equipment.

"What I learned about VR while I did this The project is that it is an extremely bad idea and very difficult to do when you do not have an actual headset yourself, he says. "Towards the end of the development is a very nice trap that goes by Tmcraig008 offered to help me and test it for me.

" The process was very difficult as our schedules and time zones were not very good and I had to be constantly fixing errors and rebuild / upload new buildings for him to test, but he is why the game can be played in VR. "

Hideo Kojima's canceled Silent Hills started life as a teaser demo called PT at the PSN store. When Kojima and Konami divorced, the publisher pulled the demo from the store.

There is a silver lining of different types: PT Continue to play if you happened to download it to the console. If you deleted it, well, you can always give Unreal PT a try.

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