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Universal Control lets you use Macs and iPads as if they were a computer

In addition to unveiling a new version of iOS, watchOS and macOS, Apple also shared an exciting new feature called Universal Control at WWDC 2021 today. In the latest macOS, called Monterey, you will be able to bring an iPad next to the MacBook and just drag the cursor over from the laptop to the tablet.

It is not yet clear which versions of both devices support this feature, nor what technology is used to connect the two. But it looks like the MacBook will detect the tablet pretty seamlessly, and you can then use the keyboard and cursor to work on the iPad. This allows you to do things like drag and drop files between the two computers or use the keyboard of your laptop to print Spotlight searches on your tablet. This way, you do not have to buy a separate keyboard case to get a physical mouse and an iPad keyboard.


7;re still waiting for compatibility details, but it seems that the recent transition to ARM-based systems is helping these devices play nicely together. When we learn more about which machines you can actually run macOS Monterey and Universal Control on, we will update this post, so stay tuned for these details.

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