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Ukraine PlayStation 4 Farm actually grinds ‘FIFA’

Last week, Ukrainian authorities hit a massive illegal Sony PlayStation 4 farm for what they thought was a crypto operation. It turns out that the warehouse actually painted for FIFA Ultimate Team coins and cards.

According to the Ukrainian business journal Delo, which conducted an investigation even after skepticism from the government’s first findings, the 3,800 PS4s that were discovered were not actually used to extract cryptocurrency, which makes sense given how the hardware and graphics cards are not ideal. It also pointed out that in many photos you can see game boards that actually protrude from the consoles. The security service in Ukraine has declined to comment Delofindings, which explain that the ongoing investigation must be kept secret.

For the unknown, Ultimate Team game mode within FIFA allows players to build their own custom teams with different playing cards. To get better players, you have to play and win more matches, which gives you value in the game to buy packs. Alternatively, you can also pay in real currency to buy coins to unlock these packages. On the flip side, the earned currency or cards you get in the game can be resold in black markets for real money. To give you a sense of how big this market is, officially FIFA Ultimate Team transactions raised $ 1

.6 billion for EA over the past year.

Elsewhere in the game, eBay is already flooded with entries from Steam Deck scalpers.

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