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Ugreen Power Bank with USB-C and wireless charging impresses with affordable price and flexible functionality for iPhone and iPad

Ugreen makes a number of great Apple accessories, and I have recently come across one of my favorites to date. 10000mAh Power Bank offers wireless charging for iPhone as well as USB-C PD for input and output and a regular USB-A port for fast charging. Read on for our full look at this useful, flexible and affordable power bank for iPhone and iPad.

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There are a handful of power banks on the market that offer wireless charging for the iPhone, but not so many include USB-C. What's even better with Ugreens 10000mAh Power Bank, USB-C PD also offers 18W output and a USB-A port for just $ 37.


  • Up to 10W wireless charge
  • USB-C PD for input and output (18W fast charge)
  • USB-A output (18W fast charge)
  • 10000mAh capacity
  • Can charge 3 units at a time
  • USB-C to USB-A cable included

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Materials and Construction

This power bank has a nice feel with rounded edges. Back and sides consist of a satin finished plastic. The top has some texture for it with a faux-leather design. It is a wireless charging icon in the middle with a small Ugreen logo at the bottom.

It has the same footprint as an iPhone XS and is about twice as thick. It is comfortable to hold both devices if you want to use your iPhone while charging it wirelessly.

 best iPhone iPad power bank

There is a four LED battery indicator for battery status. The first LED lights up green when you power out the wireless pad or one of the USB ports.

Top side has USB-C PD and fast-charged USB-A port. Although USB-C only says "IN", I have happily discovered that it works for both input and output. Ugreen confirms that both USB ports support 18 W charge.

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Ugreen offers 18 months warranty with its products and also has a lifetime support policy.

In use

I've used quite a few power banks, and I have to say that this is the best I've come across so far. The USB-C is a necessity at this point, but adding in wireless charging and a USB-A port makes it a winner.

 best iPhone iPad power bank

Whether you want to keep this your backpack, purse or briefcase for everyday use or looking for extra power when traveling, Ugreens 10000mAh Power Bank is super-handy because you don't need it to extract a cable to juice up the iPhone.

But for times when you want to quickly recharge, or charge multiple devices at once, you've also covered here (I've used it to charge two iPhones and an iPad mini at the same time).

Ugreen Power Bank is very convenient for limbo charging status with Apple's latest devices: Flash and wireless charging for iPhone, USB-C for 2018 iPad Pro and Lightning for 2017 and earlier.

 best iPhone iPad Power Bank

Just for fun, I connected this power bank to my 15-inch MacBook Pro. I was curious to see if my notebook would charge the bank or the bank would try to charge the MacBook Pro. Turns out, the latter does. It provides enough power to maintain the MBP battery level where it is on, but does not add any charge.

Ugreen Power Bank has a USB-C for USB-A cable, but no power adapter is included. However, you're probably covered between USB-C MacBook charger and iPad charger. However, Anker makes a big USB-C + USB-A charger for $ 30 if you're looking for one.

Final Thoughts

At $ 37 there is a lot to love about Ugrens 10000mAh Power Bank with wireless charging and USB -C.

I honestly have no constructive feedback to this power bank. It has a clean, simple design, good functionality, and is a pleasure to use. I think Ugreen really nailed it.

You can download 10000mAh Power Bank with wireless charging stand for $ 37 on Amazon (at the time of writing there is an additional 5% of instant Amazon coupon).

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