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Ubisoft worried about “inappropriate” behavior could harm the hiring and retention of employees

Ubisoft has suggested that “the occurrence of inappropriate behavior by employees” has become a very real risk for the company.

As discovered by Axios, the French publisher added the risk factor to the recently published universal registration document, noting that it may also affect its ability to attract and retain talent.

The Assassin’s Creed The manufacturer currently believes that inappropriate employee behavior poses a “moderate” risk to the business, but upgraded in particular the risk of failing to “attract and retain talent” to “high” (as shown below).

Ubisoft noted that the upgrade was due in part to increasing pressure from its direct competitors. Bit also admitted that damage to “reputation and image, or to the work environment”

; could also affect its ability to retain employees.

The admission comes after a number of senior Ubisoft employees were accused of abuse and harassment in the workplace, suggesting that the company had implemented a regime that had allowed behavior to flourish. These allegations led to a number of dismissals and dismissals, although some of those accused of misdemeanors were simply given new roles in the company.

In a comprehensive report based on the testimonies of more than a dozen former and current Ubisoft employees, Gamasutra found that the allegations of abuse and misconduct went deep into Ubisoft, suggesting that at the very top of the company they had failed to take meaningful action to address serious concerns from staff.

In the weeks and months following the reports, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot said the studio “took deep action” to accommodate cultural considerations and outlined a five-proven plan to protect employees going forward.

In writing in the universal registration document, the company repeated many of these steps, saying that it has “made structural changes in line with the values, which do not tolerate any toxic behavior at all.”

“This type of harmful behavior can lead to departures from people at all hierarchical levels in Ubisoft, which can lead to loss of team efficiency and valve development in the group,” the document states in the risk description. “Similarly, Ubisoft’s reputation and image can be damaged, which can also affect Ubisoft’s attractiveness for new talent and lead to mistrust in the gaming environment.

“In mid-June 2020, the group was hit by a movement to condemn toxic and sexist behavior in Ubisoft’s team, which was disseminated by social networks and the media. Although Ubisoft has taken this situation very seriously, and has done its utmost to remedy it and has demonstrated its resilience, the group cannot give an absolute guarantee that this type of risk will be controlled. “

You can read the entire universal registration document here.

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