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Two weeks in, Fallout 76 is a lonely, glitchy, erroneous mess

  In-game photo mode has a variety of filters and frames to play with.
Enlarge / The photo mode of the game has a variety of filters and frames to play with. [19659003] When you come from Vault 76 and get your first glimpse of the Fallout 76 Appalachia region, the world seems full of opportunity. The landscape is beautiful, autumn foliage and amazing mountains; The map is large and decorated with all kinds of seemingly unique locations; and you are led by holotape on a journey that promises to be epic.

Unfortunately, it does not show the feeling difficult to maintain. Destiny stops feeling empty and lonely, the lush world can quickly become a nightmare in the hands of other players, and a smorgasbord of technical issues prevents the whole experience. In the two weeks since the launch, Fallout 76 has proved to be fun and frustrating in the same way, and feels more like an unfinished experiment than a completed game.

Nearly the sky

Located close to the coal mine area Appalachian West Virginia, Fallout 76 does a great job of incorporating real cities and landmarks into the deep lore of the franchise. Worldwide time shows how the arrival of Vault-Tec first offered the community a more promising future, especially for those who attended Vault Tech University or chose to live in the prestigious Vault 76.

West Virginia's wasteland is full of celebrities creatures such as death injuries, feral ghouls and other mutated monstrosities. Despite the new environment Fallout 76 many assets are recycled from previous games in the series, especially Fallout 4 . This sometimes does as if you have seen everything before. The couple with a lack of interesting characters, the irradiated version of West Virginia does not fully live up to its potential.

That said. There are many new nightmare evils. Most prominent are the burned people who have been switched to a mysterious disease that lies in front of the Fallout 76 main story. Unlike ghouls, they can still compete with weapons, making them more dangerous than the average irradiated body. They caught in the mines when bombs fell, became soft miners, stout little creatures packing a big punch. Local myths like the scary Wendigo give a touch of area-specific lore, and you can even drive into the mysterious Mothman in the waste.

One of the only lonelines

As the first online replay in the long-term game, Fallout series, Fallout 76 runs away the common shock of colorful non-playable characters in favor for scattered robots, holotapes and notes strategically located all over the world. There are no PC-controlled people, so the only other people you want to watch are live players who have come from the same vault. This makes sense on paper, but in practice it makes the great Appalachian area incredibly lonely.

Early at Fallout 76 you are keen to track down a group of Responders: civilians who took initiative in the early days of the nuclear team to help others by providing healthcare, clean water and basic training. This tracking becomes quickly boring when you realize that all you have to find is similar. There is a trend that repeats the whole game. When you find a note, cassette or radio station asking for help, you know for sure that your final goal will either be far away or mechanical.

Playing alone can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but while it's best times, it's difficult not to feel that something is missing. Despite the fact that the map is many times greater than Fallout 4 is the world of Fallout 76 feels less and emptier. Previous Fallout Games were full of NPCs with living personalities; This time, the only person with any of the defining features is your own character.

Characteristics are deeper than in previous games, allowing you to customize face and body shape, skin and hair color and more details about your own personal vault dweller. An improvement is that the outfits can now be used over armor, so you do not need victim protection in the name of personal style. Each player you meet will have their own distinctive style, whether wearing a clothes and gas mask from civil war or showing their Vault 76 pride in a blue and yellow body suit.

You can also build your own home through the game's CAMP system, which performs in the same way as the Fallout 4 s workshops. You must find plans to build things like chemistry stations, cooking fires and beds, but with some effort you can make an impressive hub to save your alien objects, heal and develop better weapons and armor.

Unfortunately, your camp will be exposed to the dangers of the wilderness, including other players, while exploring the rest of Appalachia. Using resources to build extravagant buildings and lush gardens feels sensible when a casual player can get past and destroy things. Yes, you can make a tower and defense, but how long will it really last when you're doing something else? Fortunately, when you sign off, your highland server leaves, but it was not unusual to come back from a few hours exploring to find broken walls and broken crops.

While creating settlements in Fallout 4 was a robust, creative experience, the creation of camp in Fallout 76 is more a means to an end; a place to stash your stuff, repair weapons / armor, and sleep. And because you share servers with other players, you may lose your first-class property if someone else decides to set up while offline. In these cases, your structure is saved as a drawing, so it is at least easy to rebuild.

Fallout 76 also has workshops, but they are so maintenance-minded that the effort to claim they hardly feel worth it. You must always defend workshops from hordes of enemies so it feels like a full time job; Since you can move your camp at any time (for a small fee), there is no real reason to waste precious materials that build up a public area.

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