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Two specific games are going to make this decade one to remember

Rockstar Games and Bethesda have kept GTA 5 and Skyrim relevant for years, so their new games may define the next decade as well.

The last decade was defined by many incredible games, with Skyrim and GTA 5 helps define RPG experiences in the open world and keeps fans engaged in content to date. Now for the current decade are the two games that could potentially define it The Elder Scrolls 6 and Grand Theft Auto 6.

Bethesda slipper Skyrim in 201

1, followed by Rockstar Games’ latest GTA two years later, and fans are still engaged with them through various mods and other creative freedoms. Both games have been iconic in the internet’s meme landscape, and franchises continue to define the gaming culture spirit of the times in many respects. Therefore, it seems that this decade can repeat itself Older rollers 6 and GTA 6.

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Development for older rollers 6 Will really start after Starfield

skyrim player character art

Since SkyrimThe release in 2011 has been waiting for news on the next installment, and at E3 2018 Bethesda announced it Older rollers 6 is coming. Little news has emerged since, but recently Bethesda CEO Todd Howard said the studio’s latest project was Starfield serves as a test of its latest engine before the studio continues to evolve Older rolls 6. This serves as good news that the game will come in more serious development afterwards Starfield, but it’s also bad news that Bethesda will not be releasing the long-awaited sequel soon.

How long it takes may be worth the wait, since the studio seems to be taking time after the MMORPG Fallout 76 liberated infamous in an unfinished state. Another thing that Bethesda has become notorious for is the flaws that are present in many of the major AAA franchises. SkyrimThe original release was full of game breaks, and the same can be said about Fall out 4release. The fact that Bethesda takes time means that it can learn its lesson about making sure the game engine runs smoothly on today’s generation consoles.

Rockstar’s Word on GTA 6

grand theft auto 6 leaks

Rockstar Games has become a record holder Grand Theft Auto 6 has been under development as early as 2012. The studio seems to be taking its time also with the pin franchise, which gives players hope that there will be major changes in the series. It must be something big for the franchise if Rockstar still keeps its secrets about the game. Fans worried when game developer Dan Houser leaves the Rockstar Games in 2020, when he was in charge Grand Theft Auto series.

Still, fans who play GTA 5 have more information to speculate on what to expect in the coming section. Those who still play Diamond Heist Mode in GTA 5 have dug around and found clues pointing to the newest department returning to a place resembling a city. Speculation has fans wondering what the plot will be, as well as what comes to the series, as the older design philosophy of GTA series. Returning to a Vice City location or similar may require developers to return to the form.

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Relevance through memes

live action recreation of gta 5 roasting scene

Although it can sometimes be on the command of the developers, the fact that memes around Skyrim and GTA 5 has developed is still a net positive for both studios. The first meme anyone can recognize from Skyrim is the infamous arrow to the knee line, and Oblivion‘s, “Stop! You’re broken the law!” line also lives on through memes on YouTube – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg Older rolls memes. The most popular meme trend for Older rolls is currently knocked out and wakes up at the beginning of Skyrim.

The Grand Theft Auto the series has also seen its fair share of memes since GTA 5the release in 2013, and one of them is fans resuming the scene in Grand Theft Auto 5 when Larmar roasts Franklin. It has come so far that actors Slink Johnson and Shawn Fonteno resumed the scene even in real time. The GTA franchises have always relied heavily on their characters, and this scene has, among other things, kept the game alive since. A disadvantage of the durability of these two games, given that they are still relevant almost a decade later, is that developers should know that there are high expectations.

Fans expectations through the roof

the elder scrolls 6 online concept art

Fans of both series have high expectations of Bethesda and Rockstar Games, so the pressure is on developers. Bethesda takes its time The Elder Scrolls 6, and has reportedly not even reached production yet, so fans of the series may have to wait a long time for the release. On the bright side, Bethesda’s new engine too Starfield will act as the engine for the upcoming game, which means that the studio will be aware of all the flaws that may come with it.

Rockstar Games, on the other hand, has been developing the game for a while now. It is worth noting that due to this fans of Rockstar Games can see GTA6 before Bethesda fans get their new game. Either way, what comes with these games can be as decade-defining as its predecessors.

Grand Theft Auto 6 and The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development.

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