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Twitter tests showing & # 39; Unollow & # 39; suggestions for users

If you feel the list of people you follow explodes, Twitter can soon help you ease that burden by suggesting users you can unfollow.

The platform tests a new feature that indicates accounts you might want to follow. It is aimed at those who want a more relevant Twitter timeline, and one way to do is follow them as they do not engage with regularly reported Slate.

Although the limited scale test has concluded, it is not clear if the Company has decided to provide a full version of the feature of all users.

Last week, Twitter has rolled out a new filter tool for direct messages on the platform. The social media giant has introduced a new feature where users will be able to filter out unwanted messages. Twitter will now show two sections ̵

1; Inbox and Requests. While the inbox tab is filled with messages from users you follow, the Inquiries tab will contain messages from people you do not. Twitter says that requests can be filtered to make it easier for users to see just useful messages.

As advertised via a post on Twitter, the social media platform will now separate messages to help users sort incoming Direct Messages from people they follow and they do not. As mentioned, when you receive a DM from a non-follower of Twitter, the message is sent to the Inquiries tab. When you enter the conversation, Twitter will ask you to choose between Delete and Accept messages. When you accept the message, you are allowed to engage with that user and the message will be moved to the Inbox tab. Twitter tells exactly how all of this works in our Help Center.

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