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Twitter ends support for iOS 9 and lower – TechCrunch

Twitter says it concludes support for all Twitter iOS users who run older versions of the iOS operating system. According to a message in the app's update text in the latest App Store release this week, only those running iOS 10 or higher will still have a supported mobile client.

Company notice marks this decision will allow it streamlined app development for all clients.

Generally, moving older platforms can allow a business to quickly roll out new features and take advantage of the benefits offered by newer frames without worrying about supporting older users along the way.

It's not outstanding for social apps to make this choice either ̵

1; LinkedIn and Snapchat also support only iOS 10 or higher. Facebook, meanwhile, caters to anyone on iOS 9 or later.

IOS 10 was released almost 2 years ago, and next month, Apple owners will access public release of IOS 12.

[19659002] Ditching older versions of iOS is not so risky for Twitter like detching users on older versions of Android because a majority of iOS users upgrade when Apple rolls out a new mobile operating system. In fact, Apple's data shows that only 5% of users are still iOS 9 or below. On Apple's scale, there are still millions, but translated to Twitter's installation base, it's much lower.

During Q2 2018, Twitter said that it had 335 million monthly active users. And of course, many of them run Twitter on Android. Probably a small very small percentage of users on iOS 9 or below. Twitter has to believe that it's not enough to be an approval step if it's up to it.

This would hardly be news except that the decision comes at a time when Twitter loses users – it lost 1 million users in Q2 – and when Twitter has killed a host of other client programs as well. The company had already closed many versions of the TweetDeck client app it bought, and this year shuttered Twitter for Mac along with most televisions. It also closed support for older APIs and knew that it would affect third-party clients ability to operate. And now it throws a small number of iOS users.

Twitter says that anyone who is still running iOS 9 or older will no longer receive updates so that those who want performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features need to upgrade.

With all these changes, it is clear that Twitter is focused on limiting the number of platforms it needs to support to better meet the needs of the user. Time will tell if it succeeds.

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