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Twitch Updates Security For Its TwitchCon Event After Jacksonville Esport Shooting – TechCrunch

Twitch today announced changes to the security procedures for its TwitchCon event taking place in San Jose, California, 26th-26th. October. The update follows news about the tragic shooting at an esport event in Jacksonville, Florida last month, where three people died, including the shooter, and 11 were injured. Twitch said that it would undergo his procedures as a result and will soon have more information about what it does to keep the participants safe.

Today, the company shared these plans.

According to Twitch, San Joses is working on local law enforcement, conference staff and additional security services at the event.

The conference will include bag searches and screenings at designated entry points, and the participants will be restricted to carrying just one bag.

The bag can not be bigger than 12 "x 15" x 6 ", says the company.

Backpacks, luggage, big bags and big clothes will not be allowed. In addition, backpacks bought on the show – even those which is the Twitch brand – is not entitled to re-entry. There will be a baggage check on the spot, but the company suggests that larger bags will be left at home as the room will be limited.

It says that small fat packs or clear bags 19659002]

In the meantime, exhibitors will only be able to handle their products and display materials in large bags and rolls before 8 o'clock on show days – so that they will be able to move through the security checkpoints. no way for people to bring big bags when the event is taking place.

Press must also wear the press marks, and crews who need to carry their big camera equipment must be approved.

Of course, the event has no weapons policy Also, and someone who breaks will be removed without a refund.

The marks must always be used and must also be an ID or passport.

At first glance, the updated procedures do not seem remarkably different to Twitch's previous policy.

The company's safety plan before Jacksonville also included bag search, through-hand or handheld scanners, use of uniformed guards, ID checks, and use of brands.

The largest on-registration change appears to be a backpack ban.

However, we understand the reference to Twitch's further work with law enforcement and "additional services" are a reference to other changes that may not have been fully detailed. (We assume this is likely because Twitch will not provide too much information to anyone trying to resolve their security procedures.)

The annual TwitchCon event brings together the Twitch community to play games, watch live esports, participate in hackons and cosplay competitions, attend sessions and consult the company about what's next for the live game streaming service.

Last year, Twitch, for example, retrieved a new set of tools at TwitchCon that allows creators to monetize their online channels.

The events in Jacksonville, however, have had many of TwitchCon's regular participants

concerned about event security.

After all, the game contest taking place at the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida, had been live streamed at Twitch when the shooting occurred. Should a copycat try to get into Twitch's conference? Someone has wondered.

According to reports, the Florida shooter had been upset about losing two games of Madden earlier in the tournament, refusing to shake hands with the winner after a game. Despite a history of mental illness, the shooting had been able to lawfully acquire his weapons. It was not clear how he got them into the Jacksonville bar.

Unfortunately, mass shooting in the US has now taken place in schools, cinemas, churches, concerts, jobs – even on YouTube – and elsewhere. But they had not previously happened at an esports event.

The tragic event drew attention to the esport industry as a whole, still out of regular attention, despite the fact that Twitch has more than 2 million broadcasters and 15 million viewers who set daily to watch.

Shortly after the tragedy, Twitch said it would make changes.

"TwitchCon's security is our top priority and is something we take very seriously on all of our events," said TechCrunch in August. "We regularly evaluate and review our policies and approaches to provide a safe and positive experience for employees, participants and exhibitors. In the wake of yesterday's tragedy, we will revise our plans and update them accordingly," a spokesman said.

The updated plans for TwitchCon are detailed on Twitch's blog and their frequently asked questions.

] Image Credit: Twitch

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