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Twitch “monitors” controversial game streams that may be illegal

Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch closely monitors gambling content, which has grown significantly in viewership in 2021, thanks to some big names participating, and sponsorship with big money.

In particular, Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam has been at the forefront of the gaming trend, claiming that he has lost up to $ 2 million in the process.

Other big names on Twitch, including the most watched streamer, xQc, and the growing star Adin Ross, have also made sponsored cash flows.

However, the trend has become under increasing control, both for its legality and morality. According to a new report, Twitch is closely following the trend.

Trainwrecks Gambling Streams Twitch
Twitch: TrainwrecksTV / Wikimedia Commons

Trainwrecks is one of the most watched streamers in the game category.

In a statement to WIRED, Twitch said: “We strictly prohibit illegal content and activity on the Service, and take action in all confirmed incidents of illegal gambling reported to us. Our Community Guidelines make it clear that ‘[Streamers] must respect all applicable local, national and international laws while using our services. ”

They also said that they “closely monitored the content of games”, and their goal is to create “a safe, positive experience for all users of our service.”

Are Twitch Game Streams Legal?

WIRED’s report also states that “Much of the gambling advertised on Twitch is illegal or unregulated and poses a particular risk to consumers, vulnerable adults and adolescents or minor children,” according to Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Twitch’s Terms of Service specifically mention game streams, while competing platforms YouTube and Facebook Gaming prohibit streams that display game pages that have not been reviewed.

Slots was the 14th most watched category on Twitch in June, with names like Trainwrecks, xQc, Xposed and Yassou, making it the top 10 streamers for hours. It is also worth noting that Slots is one of the only popular categories on Twitch, which does not have a bespoke image for viewing.

Twitch categories

Slot machines are often among the top categories on Twitch – but do not have a snazzy image to attract viewers.

Some streamers have now stopped some content for gambling, now called ‘gamba streams’ by the community, as they were concerned with encouraging viewers to get involved, especially younger viewers.

xQc ended with game streams after revealing the alarming number of fans who had used their sign-up code.

Mizkif, which was offered tens of thousands an hour for a sponsored stream of gambling, has also asked Twitch to take action.

Dexerto has contacted Twitch for comment.

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