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Toyota 4Runner Markups

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2021 4Runner TRD Pro
Picture: Toyota

The car market is booming right now. The combination of chip shortages and shortages of used cars has led to previously unimaginable prices. Retailers can not get hold of the product and some, see this as an opportunity to make money.

As a Reddit user u / Astroalpha2 pointed out, Long Island, NY Toyota dealer Millennium Toyota try to get as much as they can out of the customers who shop for a 4Runner.

4Runners has the following (and some market that defies value preservation.) It is no surprise that Toyota sold almost 130,000 last year. Many owners actually use them as intended, which is why Toyota gave it four different TRD trimmers: TRD Off-Road for $ 40,730, TRD Off-Road Premium for $ 43,325, and TRD Pro for $ 50,745.

At the time of writing, Millennium Toyota has only five 4Runners in stock, three of which are TRD models. And all three have selections.

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Photo: u / Astroalpha2 Reddit (Other)

MSRP is $ 52,753. They grab one $ 23,000 surcharge for a total price of $ 75,753. That’s Lexus money. And the reason? Literally written on the sign: “Limited availability”.

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Photo: u / Astroalpha2 Reddit (Other)

The same reasoning is given for this second TRD Pro. MSRP is $ 52,569 with a $ 30,000 markup for a total of $ 82,569. “Limited availability” and the exterior color of “Lunar Rock” are underlined as if it makes the selection OK. And it’s getting worse. I reached out to the dealer to get prices on another 4Runner TRD Pro in stock, and was told they were asking for six numbers for it. Try $135,763.

Some digging around the 4Runner owner forums shows that this behavior is not out of the norm. As far back as 2015, you will find discussions about 4Runner markings, which were just when Toyota introduced the TRD and TRD Pro trims for the 4Runner. It’s so bad lately one forum keeps track of dealers who do not stand out, and keeps a list of those who are. So if you are looking for a 4Runner, avoid this dealer and others who take advantage of the stock shortage. You can wait until the market gets better.

This came to us via a friend of the site Zerin Dube and friend of Zerin Ben Allison, who is hosting a 4Runner event in North Texas in late September, check him out hereif that’s your thing.

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