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Top 5 Tips for Dominating Raid in Black Ops Cold War

It’s time to dump her and move on. BOCW has brought back a perfect Call of Duty map, but if you are someone who has never had the privilege of enjoying Raid, these are our top tips for unleashing your potential.

What’s the one thing we want to change on Raid to make it a masterpiece on a map? It’s a trick question because you can physically not make this map any better – which is why Treyarch has brought it back.

This extravagant Hollywood home is strangely the perfect environment for a proper shooting. From the multi-million dollar property to the exotic pool to the pristine sports car. The gloss is evenly distributed around the map in a number of ways, and we try to break it down for you.

The best tips to dominate Raid in BOCW

. Avoid the water

It is definitely one of the most unique and interactive elements of this or any map. But you are quite helpless in the water, if you are seen in it, you are just a helpless fish waiting to be caught.

But even if you are not, people are wise enough to know that they are keeping an eye on a secret water ninja. You also do not really benefit from the water, as it takes you farthest away from the action, and Raid is not a really clever type of map.

pool area in raid maps in cod bocw

2. Basketball court

Do not enter the cabin immediately next door, as it is an obvious hotspot for disaster, and enemy players will immediately lock themselves on it to sniff you out.

You should instead use the lid on the walls that come in / out of the path, as you get a perfect view of the water, the upper bedroom that people like to use, and everyone who moves under the house.

3. Use all the cover you can for the static channel

This channel is not just a cool channel, it is one of the great courses, since it only has so much to do for it. You have the upper windows, the paths below / to the side of them, the statue, all the decorative architectural stones around it, the cars, the vans and even a path that connects to the center of the map.

It shows that you do not always need a large map to be full, but to ensure that you do not fall victim to fullness, you must always use the cover to get ahead. You may be walking right past each other without knowing that there were two of you there. The cover is strategically placed for a reason, use it.

status channel in the raid map in cod bocw

4. The window in the upper bedroom

As we mentioned earlier, if you are playing a game with Search & Destroy or something similar, it is most important to get to this room.

Being behind a window pane and up against the back wall of the room, visibility is quite limited. So when enemies show up at the basketball court, or sneak into the cabin, or somewhere at the other end of the map, you can take advantage of your unintentional cloak.

5. The middle

Another middle ground that can really determine how well you do it. Crossing the entire center through the section containing the tree is incredibly risky, as you will be properly visible from four different directions – but if you are exposed here during S&D, it may be different.

But if you can get over to the other side, you can sit in the corner briefly, or patrol up and down that corner, and earn some simple kills from enemies running through the center or sides.

in the middle of the raid map in cod bocw

If you are still reading this and have not jumped back to Raid yet, we encourage you to go and do so. It’s an incredible map that encapsulates everything right and true about an online game of Call of Duty.

Image Credits: Treyarch

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