USA TODAYS Jefferson Graham is reviewing the 2018 year in tech, which includes the most popular apps, binge-worthy TV shows and much more

It's time for our annual picks for the top 10 favorite gadgets in 2018.

First a quick warning. We did not see every product released – but we saw, touch and felt many of them. Several of the ones mentioned here went out and bought after I underwent them – others I lusted for.

Let's Work From 10 to 1.

10: Rugged 4 TB Drive

Unlike smartphones, which hit ridiculous prices in 2018, many topping $ 1000, you must love what LaCie sells you for a portable, rugged hard drive. I picked up an external hard disk of 4 terabytes for $ 150. Yes, $ 150! Two years ago, these stations were 1 TB at best for the same price, and now I have four times as much space. Love it

No. 9: Lume Cube Air

You probably have not heard of it. It is a small continuous light that can attach to your smartphone via magnet and give you more people a comfortable light for images than the miserable flash from the phone. At $ 70 this is a steal for the night and party track.

(Photo: Amazon)

No. 8: Amazon Fire TV Edition

These Toshiba and Best Buy TVs are aimed at lead cutters, with Alexa voice control and a more visual menu than you get from cable and again a consumer dealer. Average price is $ 300 for a 42-inch set – on black friday they gave away for just over $ 100. Wow.

No. 7: Sonos Beam

Because no television will be exposed to the miserable, tinny sound of the teeny speakers on any new TV, we give the neck to Sonos Beam. There is a smaller audio bar in size, but with great sound and reasonable for $ 400.

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