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Today on Impulse we give our first impression on Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

Misery loves company

Fallout 76 is a weird one. I do not think anyone Fallout fan suspected this would be next step from Bethesda. As I mentioned in today's episode, I do not quite know who they aim for with this game. The judgment is practically out of most core fans like what they think about it. Meanwhile, the audience who has survival games – for example Rust – and who may want the PvP aspect not to get this with how PvP is handled. At least not right away.

So, it still lets me wonder who this game is for. Perhaps in time, it will build an audience for itself. Hell, I'd like to see Bethesda draw a Hello Games and believe in expectations for Fallout 76 in the long run. From now on, but when the game was not hard to crash to the Home screen, or kicked one of us to the menu, it has been at best average in almost all categories.

I still insist that the main story and first premise are interesting. A Fallout game set early in the timeline of the series has lots of potential when it comes to what stories can tell. But the search design has been so simple and uninteresting so far, I've had it hard to even take into account the story. For those of you who want to check out the game at launch and give it a good shake, I recommend high not to rushing through the main issue. It's just not worth it and it will certainly not hold your interest.

Almost all that is running is to find a holo tape, a terminal or a robot, and then get a placement marker, go to the cursor, kill enemies, find a body, holotape, terminal or robot, and repeat. I only used the first two beta tests that made the main question, and that was the mindset. Betesda, however, has not been known for a strong main story earlier; Their strong suit has always been the world, exploration and side things.

Fallout 76 is no different in that regard. These last two last beta tests I decided to do nothing but explore and take my sweet time with it and that aspect of Fallout 76 is solid. From just sneaking around supermutants on the higher level looking for better equipment, to fight new creatures like Mothman and Grafton Monster – there is still a lot to see and shoot in Appalachia. I think if Bethesda can keep people coming back for more and listen to the audience's feedback, they can make something special along the way.

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