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To disable Windows 10’s annoying weather widget

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If you have enabled automatic updates on Windows 10, you have probably noticed that a new one has been added – and rather irritating-weather and news widget in the taskbar. It’s called “News and interests, ” which Microsoft added to Windows 10 with the version 1909 update, and the highlights everything that is wrong with Windows 10: inconsistent design elements, addition of a move no one really asked, and more clutter you do not need.

Taskbar widget even looks a bit blurry compared to sharp high-resolution elements around it, which increases the sadness. (We are not crazy on you, Microsoft; we are just disappointed.)

Luckily, you can easily remove it. This is how:

  1. Right click any part of the Windows 10 computer taskbar. This is located to the left of the clock and network connection icons at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Select News and interests.
  3. Click Turn off.

In case you ever regret your decision to remove this widget (unlikely)), you can bring it back within right click anywhere on the taskbar and select News and interests> Show icon and text. You will also notice an option called Show only icon, which will Show only little weather icon without text next to.

Also, weach time you hover over the weather widget, you will see a large panel of news and weather information pop up. If you want to see the weather on the taskbar, but do not care so much about news and updates powered by Microsoft, you can disable just the news part of widget.

To do that, Right click on the taskbar and go to News and interests. Now uncheck the box Open soar. This will keep the weather module in the taskbar, but it will not allow the magnified – annoying! –news panel to open unless you click on the module.

And IIf you are looking for alternatives, there are many others excellent weather apps for Windows which you can check out.

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