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‘Tired of beauty standards’

Julia Michaels, known for writing hit songs for artists such as Pink and Selena Gomez and for her own breakout hit 2017, “Issues”, takes issue with society’s beauty standards and launches a campaign on social media to encourage everyone to love their body.

On Friday, the Grammy-nominated singer took to Instagram to share a photo of himself edited on a digital magazine cover titled “You”. In the photo, Michael’s arms have lifted over his head and show off his shaved right armpit.

“Dear pearls, I do not know about you, but I have been quite tired of beauty standards and societal norms for a while now,”

; she wrote in the photo. “Tired of people telling me how to have a f —— body. What should I wear on it. How to deal with it. What I should f —— shave off of it. ”

She continued, “Because of this I’m making you, a monthly digital cover to show how amazing I think YOU are, and because the only standard of beauty you need is YOU. And to celebrate you, I want your face on the front of My magazine. It starts with me, but it ends with you. Show me everything you hate, then I and we can prove you wrong. Send me your pictures, and every month I will post one of you on YOU. Welcome: ) “

Fans and supporters, including other artists in the entertainment industry, applauded Michaels’ announcement of the new project.

Gomez commented on the post, “Just another reason you’re the most beautiful woman. Still inspiring. Thank you for being you! I love you.”

“You are a wonderful human end – and this is a great idea as long as women like you are there for my girls to look up to, things will eventually change and continue to shine Michael because the people who really need you just like you are. looking at ❤️, »wrote songwriter Amy Wadge.

Michaels, 27, has never been shy about opening up to his fans and followers.

In a recent interview with TODAY’s Carson Daly, she revealed that writing music helps her cope with anxiety and depression. In 2019, she also released the song “Body”, about learning to love yourself.

This is not the first time Michael has shamelessly shared photos of her armpit.

In June, she shared selfies on Instagram and showed off her armpits for a similar purpose. She wrote in the accompanying caption, “People will always have something to say about you or your body. They will always try to attack you when you feel happiest or most even you have ever been.

“To that I say go and eat a bag of worms. 😊 Thank you for listening and having a good day. ”

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