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Tips to Play No Man's Sky Next Update

Screenshot: No Man's Sky

Whether you played No Man's Sky two days ago or have not played since the launch, you will return to the game since the next update. shall involve some adjustments. If you wonder how to create Warp Cells or where you can find resources, there are some tips.

You can choose a multiplayer

Many people are excited to explore the galaxy with their friends now as No Man's Sky has multiplayer. Others liked solo exploring the experience of past iterations of the game. In the new update, other players can not join the game as an avatar without permission, but you can still see them as glowing orbs that can use voice chat as you did in the previous version. If you do not want to bother with any random chatty glowing orbs, you do not need to have other players enter your game if you do not want to. If you go to the options menu and select Network and Voice, then turn off Network Play, other players will not be able to participate in your game.

Sell All Your Old Crap

If you're a return player, the first thing you notice is that inventory is full of elements called "outdated technology." You can sell these at the nearest space station and base your excess credits. When I uploaded the game, some of my other old things had become something called a "technology module." You may not need them right away, but it's worth hanging on a couple of them because you need them for some recipes down the road.

Be Looking For These Items

In the next update, recipes to burn Launch Thruster, Pulse Jump and Hyperdrive are completely different. Now they need dihydrogen, tritium and rare metals like copper. Dihydrogen supplies fuel to Launch Thruster when combining it with metal plates. It looks like blue crystals stick out of the ground, and you can find it on virtually any planet. Tritium, used to burn Pulse Jump, can be extracted from asteroids using your photo canon, and it's also easy to find. Copper is used in the process of creating antimatters, which are necessary to burn your Hyperdrive. It's a bit harder to find, but you can scan planets from the room and see if copper will be there before you land. If you forget any of these recipes, if you hover the cursor what you want to build it, there will be an option to pin the recipe to the screen.

How it looks when using the analysis tester. [19659010] Screenshot: No Man's Sky

The Analysis Show will show you where you need to go.

To find copper, you want to land on a planet and then retrieve your analyzer. This also works differently than before the update. Now the analysis viewers do not seek close proximity to flora, fauna and minerals, it also tells about nearby buildings, cargo droplets and resources. If you look through your visor, move the cursor over the different icons to see what's nearby. Resource deposits are where you will find precious metals like copper. To mine them, you need a terrain multiplier engineer so you should do it as soon as possible. Do not worry – it does not take rare resources to do it.

Refine Elements

Some ingredients in craft recipes need to be refined before you can use them. This is where Portable Refiner comes in. You can find it in your menu, as you can find by touching the directional pad if you play on a console. From there you need some carbon to burn the refiner, and then you say, Copper at one end, and chromatic metal comes out the other. Chromatic metal is one of the ingredients you need for antimatters, and you make a warp cell by combining antimatters and an antimatter container. It is a good idea to store chromatic metal because you also use it in other recipes, and the process of doing it is a bit boring. You should also keep in mind that Portable Refiner is laptop which means you can put it back in your warehouse when done and place it elsewhere by going back to the construction menu. [19659015]

Screenshot: No Man's Sky

Get On The Move

Your other tools, like the Mining Beam, Terrain Manipulator, and the shields on your ship will also need fuel. If you're in the middle of a fire shot or just do not want to go back to the menu screen, if you turn down the directional pad, you can get up a menu that lets you pick up some of these things while you're still out in the world. Just scroll over to the symbol that looks like a battery, touch the directional pad, and then select which item you want to fill. This is handy if you stuck in a fight and want to keep your shields up.

Upload your discoveries for Nanites

If you are considering any upgrades for Exosuit or Multi-Tool, be sure to upload all the flora and fauna you scan on planets. It used to be that when you uploaded these you got credits. Now your discoveries will be replaced to Nanite Clusters, which can be traded for drawings for upgrades. You will find all your discoveries in the options menu. Browse to the Discoveries tab, make sure you check every planet you've been on, and upload everything from flora, fauna and waypoint menus.

You Can Build Anywhere

The new planets you land on can be poisonous, nuclear or occupied by constant boiling rain. If you're too far from your ship or a structure to hide in, you might want to build a base. In the latest update, you can build bases anywhere. You can also build bases quickly out of regular carbon if you are in a rush.

If you're a return player, you should know that the process of claiming a place for your base is a bit different now too. Instead of finding an abandoned base and claiming that structure, you need to build a basic computer. You can find it on the same menu as you build Portable Refiner, and you need chromatic metals to build it. When you build it and put it in the world, you can then create a base as extravagant as you want.

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