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Tinder will soon give you a lift ride to your date

Tinder collaborates with Lyft to offer the opportunity to go on dates without having to leave the Tinder app. It’s a small convenience if you’ve already downloaded the Lift app, but like adding video chat to the app, there’s a lesser reason to switch focus from the match to another app.

There is no fixed release date for the Lift integration, except that it is “planned to roll out in the next few months”, and Tinder has no photos to share yet for how it will work in the app. Tinder says that Lyft are common safety features such as location sharing with family and friends will be available from the Lyft app for gifted trips.

Adding Lifting Trips can be handy, but there are some potential scenarios to be concerned about. It is not clear at what time you can book a trip, or whether both you and the person you matched must agree. It would be annoying (not to mention a little disturbing) for both the person you matched in the Tinder and the Lift driver if you called a ride and they did not want it.

When asked for more information, Tinder declined and said that more information would be available in the coming months. Until then, Zoom Dates or Tinder̵

7;s built-in trivia feature may be the way to go.

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