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Thymesia is a gloomy action-RPG with zippy melee

It’s always a pleasure to stumble upon an indie game you have not heard of before, especially one that looks big and polished, as if it comes to toe to toe with much larger games. This is how it feels to watch Thymesia, an action RPG with a gloomy setting and zippy melee against pest-infected brutals.

Watch this trailer to get a feel for how the matches will be played and what kind of world you want to explore.

OverBorder, a Taiwanese development team, has been posting videos of the game for a couple of years, but the trailer above announces their release deal with Team 1

7. Only seven people work on OverBorder, so it’s no surprise that they’ve partnered.

The key to the game world is that it has been ravaged by a plague, and Corvus, the game’s protagonist, is able to seize “the enemy’s diseases and [use] those as weapons against his opponents, “according to the press release. Swords, scythe and spears are seen over, but I guess the moments when they turn green are representative of Corvus who has the diseases in one way or another.

Much of the struggle also involves carefully timed evasions and parries. The press release explains that you will be able to customize the Corvus for different playing styles, and upgrade his stats as you play, so that each throughput is different. When I know myself, I will lose to the first boss and never move on.

Every year it seems to provide more games in this direction.

Damn, there is not much information to share about Thymesia at this stage. Embarrassing! Really regret trying to make this post an acrostic.

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