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This year’s series of new emojis includes a pregnant man and more

The new group of suggested emojis was released by Emojipedia today, and it includes a pregnant man, a greeting face, heart hands and many gender-neutral and non-binary options!

The emojis revealed today must still receive final approval before they go live, but you can already vote on which emoji you would like to see approved. The announcement comes just before World Emoji Day on July 17, and the new offers promise to make the current list far more inclusive and affirmative.

The designs that have been released are subject to change and revision by suppliers, but the list looks promising for everyone, from those who advocate trans rights and fight against climate change to fans of K-Pop and the military.

Some of the highlights of the proposed emojis include the pregnant man and the pregnant person, which will be in addition to the current pregnant woman emoji. It will also be the gendered Person with Crown who will accompany the existing prince and princess emojis. The hand with the index finger and thumb cross can be seen by K-Pop fans as the popular Korean finger-heart hand movement. Also proposed is a coral emoji, which represents the impact of climate change on coral reefs.

Approval of the final version of the emojis will not take place until September, and they will not appear live until a while after that. If and when it is approved, this new batch of emojis (1

4.0) will go live on a majority of the platforms sometime next year. Emoji 13.1 was approved in September last year, and went live on Pixel phones in December of the same year. iOS updates did not appear until April this year. There are still some Android phones that have not yet gone live with the 13.1 emojis.

You can cast your vote now for the suggested 14.0 emoji you’d like to see approved here. The results of the non-binding poll will be posted on World Emoji Day this Saturday, July 17th.

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