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This super-premium Apple Watch Series 5 model is on sale at a huge discount

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This super-premium Apple Watch Series 5 model is on sale at a huge discount

Commercially released back in 2019, The Apple Watch Series 5 can still undeniably be considered one of the overall best smartwatches available in 2021. This is because the aging portable device looks very much like the 2020s Apple Watch Series 6, which also shares many of the main features and functions with the newer bestseller.

The problem is that in recent months it has become increasingly difficult to find Series 5 in stock at most major US dealers, especially in brand new condition.

Amazingly, Amazon currently has such a product on sale at a massive price reduction, although you may have to hurry if you want to take advantage of this very rare deal in stainless steel.

In addition to the first-class type of case, which undoubtedly exceeds the robustness and durability of an aluminum building, this is deeply discounted The Apple Watch Series 5 version also has a great Milanese Loop strap that goes for it and a standalone mobile connection.

Of course, such a stylish, solid and feature-packed configuration usually does not come cheap, and fetches a whopping $ 749 price that you can mark with no less than $ 341.63 as you write this.

This corresponds to a huge 46 percent cut, but interestingly enough, it seems that the price has fluctuated quite a bit in recent hours.
Depending on your luck and how quickly you decide to pull the trigger after we publish this story, it means you could end up saving just under $ 341 … or more. Or you could snooze and lose your chance to get a head-turning Apple Watch Series 5 (in a 40mm size) at a pretty much unbeatable price.

Powered by a dual-core S5 processor instead of … slightly faster dual-core S6 chipset under the Series 6 hood, the Series 5 comes with everything from a life-saving ECG monitor to a second-generation optical heart sensor. , sleep tracking, built-in GPS functionality, swim-safe design and a high-quality always-on-retina display in tow.

Basically, the only major things that are missing are an oxygen sensor and compass in the blood, with everything else recommending the Apple Watch Series 5 over the newer one. Apple Watch SE and of course the older ones, but not yet discontinued Series 3 too.

Unfortunately, Amazon can’t hook cash-strapped buyers with many other Series 5 models at decent prices.

GPS-only intelligent watch, for example, is exclusively available in a silver aluminum 44mm version with a white sports strap at a negligible 5 percent discount, while 44mm LTE-enabled space gray aluminum with black sports strap and stainless gold in gold sports strap combinations can both be purchased for around 15 percent less than usual, which is … actually not too bad.

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