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This secret sale is only available to Amazon Prime members

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Prime members get the best deals on Amazon.  (Photo: Amazon)
Prime members get the best deals on Amazon. (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon Prime members really have all the fun. Yes, you have to pay an annual fee, but the benefits – two-day free shipping, instant access to movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, discounts on Whole Foods – outweigh the total cost of recording. It’s like you’re a favorite shopper who can easily cut the line.

Here’s an advantage that most people (even Prime members) may not know: Members can access Amazon’s ‘secret’ sales section. This hidden hub is dedicated to ‘Just For Prime’ deals, so it’s really hush-hush. Sorry! The cat is out of the bag.

If you are not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of all the savings – including free two-day shipping. If you decide to join the service, it will cost you $ 119 per year (approximately $ 10 per month) and you can cancel at any time.

Scroll down and buy Amazon’s secret sale below:

Save almost $ 50 on this top rated Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner.  (Photo: Amazon)
Save almost $ 50 on this top rated Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner. (Photo: Amazon)

For Prime members only, this top-rated Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner (R3500) is on sale for $ 135, or $ 49 off on Amazon. The powerful robot comes with built-in sensors, so it can navigate furniture and stairs smoothly. The Coredy robot vacuum cleaner is just under three inches high and can also run under beds and sofas. In addition, it is incredibly quiet, and the agile wheels transition from floor to carpet as if there is nothing.

“What I love about this vacuum is that unlike others in the market, this one is very quiet and does the job without you having to move your finger,” wrote a happy five-star reviewer. “It knows how to find its way through the house, and you do not have to worry about it getting stuck. It gets all the dust and lasts a long time. It also knows how to find its way back to the charging station, which is great, so I do not have to worry about looking for it. It also lets you know when it is full by flashing red. The remote control is very easy to use and it does not take more than five minutes to set it up. I recommend this vacuum to anyone who is like me and who does not have time to vacuum all day, as this does it alone! All you have to do is empty it once in a while, that’s pretty much it! ”

Only $ 21 for this 'Amazon's Choice' Runmus Gaming Headset!  (Photo: Amazon)
Only $ 21 for this ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Runmus Gaming Headset! (Photo: Amazon)

For sale for $ 21 (was $ 27), this Runmus Gaming Headset has super comfortable ear pads, so you can spend hours playing your favorite games without feeling tired. This is the ideal headset for clear, robust sound, whether you are a PC, Xbox, Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch player. Meanwhile, the built-in microphone is also noise-canceling, so it can clearly pick up your voice.

“These headphones are quite impressive for their price range. They are actually impressive even in relation to some alternatives two price ranges higher than these …, ”explained a satisfied player. “They are robust, comfortable, beautiful and work well for what they are intended for. I wanted a pair of headphones that would cover several platforms, something these make admirable … ”

This top-rated gaming headset is also compatible with macOS, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Stay up to date, follow and save!  (Photo: Amazon)
Stay up to date, follow and save! (Photo: Amazon)

Packed on quarantine 15? Keep track of your weight and other health statistics such as BMI (body mass index) with this Fitindex Smart Digital BMI scale. Now it’s time to grab one – it’s on sale for $ 13, or a $ 6 discount on Amazon for Prime members only. The sleek, ultra-thin scale can be synced to iPhones, Android smartphones, Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health and Google Fit via Bluetooth, so you can really keep track of all your training goals.

“Excellent scale,” fantasized a knowledgeable customer. It took about 30 seconds to set up and connect my phone via Bluetooth. Now just go on my scale with the app open and bam, I get weight, BMI, body fat percentage and a lot of other useful information! I also love accuracy. For kicks, I took it to work, where it is a standard old-fashioned scale that is calibrated by our government agency for weights and measures. The results were identical on both scales, so it is very accurate. ”

Only $ 3.80 per mask!  (Photo: Amazon)
Only $ 3.80 per mask! (Photo: Amazon)

For sale for $ 19 for five (Prime members only!), These Fiream Washable Face Masks are made from three layers of soft, breathable cotton. Ear loops have practical rubber plugs for a comfortable fit, and you get two lanyards and five filters thrown in for good measure. Expect a variety of playful patterns, from flowers to leopards.

“I absolutely love these masks,” fantasized a savvy Amazon shopper. “Perfect size, soft material with respite. The nasal thread and chin restraint prevent them from slipping or moving. Kept the shape after washing … ”

Looks good, sounds good.  (Photo: Amazon)
Looks good, sounds good. (Photo: Amazon)

More than 6,400 Amazon customers gave this Miatone Bluetooth speaker a flawless five-star rating – and it’s on sale for just $ 36 (was $ 40) for Prime members only. The sound is sharp, the bass is deep and it just looks cool too. It has a 100-foot Bluetooth series, while it is also light and waterproof, so feel free to take it on the go.

“I’m impressed with this particular Bluetooth speaker. I have had a number of other BT speakers, and the build quality of this one is among the best of the best, ”fantasized a satisfied Amazon shopper. “… Very solid feeling of it. It has really been tested as well. I have used it in the garage where I dropped it on hard floor several times without affecting the speaker. I have dropped it in the garden on wet and muddy grass, and it continues to play. I have taken it in the shower at least ten times now (singing in the shower just got great accompaniment). ”

Only $ 30 for this top rated Samcorn HD webcam!  (Photo: Amazon)
Only $ 30 for this top rated Samcorn HD webcam! (Photo: Amazon)

Take your video chat to the next level. For sale for $ 30, this Samcorn HD webcam has a glass lens that can stream video in Full HD and 30FPS (frames per second) for sharp images ideal for Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and more. Complete with a mini tripod stand and a wide viewing angle of up to 97 degrees, it automatically balances white levels and color correction so you look your best – even in low light.

This shopper loves “the sliding safety cover, so I do not accidentally sign up when people are watching. Just gives me peace of mind. ”

$ 7 discount for Prime members only!  (Photo: Amazon)
$ 7 discount for Prime members only! (Photo: Amazon)

This infrared pan thermometer does the job quickly, and it’s only $ 23 right now at Amazon. It is so popular that it has received a perfect five star rating from more than 3400 reviewers, and we can see why. Just tap Purea Infrared Pan Thermometer for a quick body temperature. The reading is shown in a few seconds on the large digital LED display. It is foolproof – and nurse-approved.

“I am a nurse and I often have to measure patients’ temperatures,” wrote a knowledgeable customer. “The traditional oral thermometer takes too long and needs to be disinfected every time. The process is tedious, so I bought this infrared thermometer in the pan, which only takes one second to measure the temperature with accurate measurements. It can save me and my patients a lot of time. ”

Security for $ 34 off.  (Photo: Amazon)
Security for $ 34 off. (Photo: Amazon)

If you are the type who loses the keys or just does not wear a heavy keychain, you can read on. Smonet Bluetooth Smart Deadbolt works via the phone, keyboard or an actual key. That way, you do not have to bring your keys when you run out to the store, and you can give the code to a friend or anyone who needs access when you are not home. Four AA batteries will provide 5,000 openings (approximately six months).

“This smart lock is very good, and it was easy to install and works well,” fantasized a smart home dealer. “It fit right into where my old deadbolt was, so I didn’t have to make any new holes. I like the app. The app allows you to enter a code for a period. I can be 100 meters away and my phone opens it. The battery works perfectly so far. ”

Bet on!  (Photo: Amazon)
Bet on! (Photo: Amazon)

If you need a new game controller for your Nintendo Switch, this deal is for you. The Kutime Wireless Gaming Controller is on sale for $ 21, down from $ 40, for Amazon Prime members only. Extremely comfortable, it has a solid grip in imitation leather and up to 10 hours of battery life, plus the buttons are completely mapped to best suit your gaming experience. It has three vibration levels, so you can adjust the amount of shock feedback you want to receive. Bluetooth-enabled, you can connect it with just about any laptop, desktop PC, smartphone or tablet for PC and mobile games. Amazon customers love that it comes with an impressive “rumble” feature.

“If you want a good controller and do not want to pay for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, this is very nice,” fantasized a happy player. “I chose to buy this over the PowerA controllers because the PowerAs have no noise. The rumble on this controller is great. It also has a good weight, so it feels solid. The battery seems to last for several days of play, and it is rechargeable with a included USB-C cable that makes it easy to charge … ”

Smile!  You're on camera.  (Photo: Amazon)
Smile! You’re on camera. (Photo: Amazon)

YI Smart Security Camera is more than just a camera – it has an optional emergency service that can instantly connect you to your local fire, EMS services and police for round-the-clock security and safety.

“So far so good. Just set these up in my parents’ house, as we have many who come through to take care of my father,” shared a satisfied customer. “The setup was insanely simple! The pictures are great. They record 24 / 7, and you do not need to get Cloud Storage if you do not want it.The cameras record on MicroSD cards (sold separately), and when you return to view recordings it shows the entire timeline along with markings where the activity was for present … ”

As a Prime member, you only pay $ 18 per camera.

The reviews quoted above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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