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This Microsoft Flight Simulator mode has the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal

The massive cargo ship Ever Given has been stuck for almost a week in the Suez Canal, captivating the internet and frustrating the teams responsible for loosening it and the governments hardest hit by the closure of the maritime trade route.

The ship (and its trademark “Evergreen” letters painted on the side) has become so iconic, in fact, that it has become a target within Microsoft Flight Simulator, at least for a virtual pilot who appears to have created a mod that places the grounded vessel in the virtual ground in the game, via GeekWire.

Twitter user Mat Velloso shared a video from TikTok, originally captured and uploaded by the user “donut_enforcement”

;, which shows the airship’s flyby to a convincing sounding pilot story while the boat is stuck between the banks of the canal. The scene looks shockingly realistic, which is a testament to the quality of the fashion and also just the demanding graphics of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping developer Asobo from updating the game with newer satellite imagery to include the ship for all players – there are many such photographs taken in the last six days. But considering that the game sources its images from Bing Maps and does not always update in a timely manner, this means that your game does not have Ever given in to it unless you are able to modify it as in the video above.

There is currently no concrete timeline for freeing the ship from the unfortunately angled situation, so it is certainly possible.

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