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This little washing machine cleans your earplugs with wax

If you are ashamed to take your earplugs out of your ears because of what may be pooping inside them and yet too horrible to clean them at home, you better think there is a Kickstarter product to fix it. Imagine one washing machine miniaturized for sitting at a desk which cleans the earplugs instead of clothes. That̵

7;s what Cardlax EarBuds Washer promises.

Cardlax does sound like a bizarre name for a product like this, especially since it kind of, but not really, rhymes with earwax. The name is actually a transfer from a previous product, which the creators succeeded in crowdfunding: an electric muscle stimulation massage with credit card size. The two products apparently have nothing in common, except to perform work on behalf of the user: massaging muscles vs. cleaning of earplugs.

Opening the lid on the EarBuds Washer first reveals a small spinning brush used to remove larger pieces of dirt from the earplug, as well as to clear out deeper cracks and harder accessible areas. When prewash is complete, the earplugs are dropped into what looks like a cleaning drum with a spinneret made of the same light foam that the make-up sponges are made of, while adding a mist of 70% alcohol. When the core spins, the earplugs rub against it and the walls of the drum, and remove finer particles of wax to what is left are a couple of wireless knobs to looks as new as the day they approxme out of the box.

The inner parts of the machine itself can be removed and rinsed under water afterwards (as far as we know no one makes a small washing machine for the EarBuds washing machine …yet) as all unwanted pieces that are cleaned end up in the bottom and will accumulate in another ugly mess over time. The creators promise that the cleaning process is gentle and does not cause damage to the earplugs, and while the promotional videos show that Apple earplugs are cleaned, the machine works with many marks of knobs, including Samsung and Bose.

The preorder now with one Kickstarter promise may require a Cardlax EarButs Washer for only $ 33, with shipping expected as early as June if all goes well when the project goes from the fundraising stage to actual production. With the pandemic still raging around the world, and boats clogging up the Suez Canal, it’s a good time to be extra careful with crowdfunded products, and to be prepared for unforeseen delays. If you do not think you have the patience for it, just buy a box with Qtips.

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