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This is what the M1 iMac would look like if Apple threw away the white frames and the big chin for a 100% screen

Needless to say, some were quite annoyed by Apple’s latest M1 iMac design. Especially the YouTuber MKBHD thought it was completely ugly, and mentioned that it was a bit slim … but the white frames, the massive chin and the lack of a black version made the iMac look too chirping and playful. For a computer that was capable of incredibly heavy lifting, it did not quite look. Designer Virgile Arlaud decided to take the feedback and create her own iMac concept. Arlaud’s iMac Pro M1 concept addresses every single pain point MKBHD had with Apple’s original design

Instead of opting for a radical overhaul, Arlaud’s iMac Pro M1 concept takes the classic iMac Pro design and gives it minor but significant visual upgrades. The conceptual all-in-one computer sports the crowd-favorite wedge-shaped profile with the slightly bulged back. However, it absolutely gets rid of the edges and chin on the front, and has a brilliant infinite screen-to-edge screen that is an absolute pleasure to look at. Sure, the M1 may be the highlight of this computer, but that screen is the icing on the cake. If the M1 works behind the scenes to give you a great computing experience, it amplifies the 100% screen in front of it, and surrounds the user in Apple’s incredible, unsurpassed UX.

This design direction obviously has some major advantages, along with a few small but unavoidable disadvantages. First, the lack of a frame iMac Pro M1 does not accommodate a webcam, which played a fairly important role in Apple’s own iMac. The webcam ran 1080p video and used the M1’s processing power to run ISP algorithms for an incredible video. It can be argued that the presence of a webcam is a fairly trivial feature of the workhorse that is the iMac, and that an iPhone running face-time will make a pretty decent replacement. One would not be mistaken.

The absence of a hook also means that the iMac Pro M1 concept will lose the speaker set found in the original 2021 iMac. Overheating speakers had to be replaced with rear speakers, and I’m no expert, but it would definitely be a small loss in sound quality and clarity. That said, there are quite a few innovations that allow the screen to function as a speaker … so while Arlaud’s concept does not really illustrate where a speaker will sit, I would think that this concept has that function.

The nice thing about this iMac Pro M1 concept is that it takes an approach to the overall design of your computer if it is not damaged. There’s really no need for an all-in-one computer to be 11mm thick (we do not carry it around in our pockets), so the slightly pear-shaped back and seamless wedge-shaped design really feels like a nice design format that does not need not an overhaul. It sticks to its original inspiration – Dieter Rams’ LE1 speaker design for Braun! The M1 chip sits somewhere inside the curved back of the iMac Pro, along with cooling vents, a USB-C power input and a full range of ports on the back, including two USB-C and two Thunderbolt ports, a card reader , and the old favorite 3.5 mm connector. Let’s not forget the sleek, tubular stand which is definitely another hate tip for the iconic Braun LE1 speaker!

Designer: Virgile Arlaud

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