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This is what Samsung's Note 9 costs on AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 provides more of what big phone fans want: more battery, more display and more power. The phone is now available for purchase in stores now as the pre-order period is over. If you snoozed on it so far, you will not get a free set of AKG noise-reducing headphones or a load on Fortnite V-dollar (the popular title's in-game currency).

However, for those who are expecting, the offers available at launch are not bad. If you buy Samsung 9, you will get a few accessories for free. It is also supported and available through all US operators, several of which offer decent purchasing specialties as we saw during the introduction of Note 9's release.


Buy It Directly : The base model with 1

28GB of storage and 6GB of RAM costs $ 999. The $ 1 249 option enhances it with 512GB of built-in storage and 8GB of RAM.

Monthly installment : For the 128GB model, it's $ 41.67 per month for 24 months, which is just a few cents above the $ 1000 value. The 512GB model costs $ 52.08 per month, but keeps the same amount you pay for the phone directly.

Offer : Buy from Samsung directly gives you a free Duo charger and your choice of a Note 9 case. You can also trade with your current device for up to $ 300 from Note 9.


Buy It Directly : The base model costs $ 999; The upgraded option costs $ 1 249.

Monthly installments : Almost the same prices as Samsung, just a penny less per month for the 128GB model. The 512GB model costs $ 52.08 per month for 24 months.

Offers : Verizon offers a "buy one, get one" special for Note 9 phones.

AT & T

Buy it directly : The default price here: $ 999 for the 128GB model and $ 1,249 for the other device over a 24-month period. It upgraded the 512 GB device.

Monthly installments : For those in AT & Ts next plan, note 9 starts at $ 33.34 per month for 30 months. AT & Ts next year plan subscribers pay $ 41.67 per month for 24 months. The cost per month for the 512GB model is $ 52.09.

Offer : Like Verizon, AT & T also offers a "buy one, get one" promoter for note 9, even though it is finally set on August 30th.


Buy Direct : The 128GB model is $ 999, while the upgraded phone with 512GB of storage is $ 1 249.

Monthly installment : To finance, T-Mobile requires $ 279.99 for the 128 GB model, followed by $ 30 per month for 24 months. For more storage and power, the 512GB option is $ 529 down and $ 30 per month for 24 months. In both cases, the totals are equal to the cost if you would buy directly.

Offers : If you have a Samsung device to trade, you can earn up to $ 500 in 24-month invoice credits for newer Samsung phones, including Note 5 and the Galaxy S7 Series. Everything older may still be eligible for $ 250 back in credits.


Buy It Directly : You pay $ 999 for the 128GB model with 6GB RAM or $ 1,249 for the top model, which has 512GB of storage and upgraded to 8GB of RAM.

Monthly installments : Sprint Flex leasing costs $ 20.83 per month for 18 months. Then you can buy the phone directly or return it for an upgrade.

Special offer : Nobody, really. Sprint can cost less than the other carrier per month, but you will not save money if you want to pay for Note 9 after the term of the termination.

Xfinity Mobile

Buy it directly : Xfinity charges The standard for both models: $ 999 for 129GB and $ 1,249 for the 512GB option.

Monthly installment : For the cheaper model, it will cost you $ 41.67 per month for 24 months on the Xfinity Mobile network. The carrier is currently not in stock of the 512GB model, though. The Verge has contacted Xfinity Mobile for details.

Special Offer : New customers can earn a $ 300 credit to open a line with Xfinity Mobile and transfer your phone number. It does not reduce the price of Note 9 at the time of purchase, but it is still an advantage.

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