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This is what I miss most about Google Play Music

I feel that this may be an ongoing segment here on Droid Life, but there is something that has sharpened my gear about Spotify lately, and that is the fact that the Android app does not cache the songs I listen to the most. Google Play Music did and I miss that feature so much.

It was clearer to me when we were still doing business trips to CES and other meetings with an embargo, but occasionally I would notice that there is something absent from Spotify. On Spotify, users can manually choose which songs they want to download to a device, which obviously works well and dandy, but the automatic caching feature on Play Music was very clutch. For me, it would cache a random selection of songs that I had recently listened to, making it seem like an eclectic playlist of songs.

YouTube Music, which replaced Play Music, has smart downloads ̵

1; at night when it’s on WiFi, the app automatically downloads “favorite music”, so you always have something stored on your device. Users can choose how much music they want to store automatically, from just 1 to 500 songs. From looking at the settings, there does not appear to be any kind of automatic caching feature like Play Music, but Smart Downloads is close.

Next time in this segment, we will discuss music queues. The way Play Music handled queues was beautiful. How Spotify does it? Garbage.

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