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This Ford Mustang Mach-E winter trip did not go as planned

Managing editor of the YouTube channel Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk, Jill Ciminillo, got their hands on the brand new Ford Mustang Mach-E electric crossover. She enjoyed the opportunity to take it on a winter trip around Chicago and up into Wisconsin.

During the long drive, Jill discusses the Mach-E as a whole, with the main focus on range and how it works, plus some snow testing. She also shares the positive and negative of the trip. She says that if you live in the northern parts and you are planning to buy an electric car, this is a must-see video. Hmm, what went wrong?

We always try to guess what is in the store when it comes to these videos. We suggest that you also bet. Maybe Ford had much less range than Jill expected, charging infrastructure was limited, and some charging stations did not work? Any other guesses before we dive in? Keep in mind that the people on this YouTube channel do not appear to be EV owners, and most of their content is related to gas-powered trucks and SUVs.

Just outside the bat, Jill notices that the Mach-E only shows a range of about 1

80 miles at full charge. She resets the crossover’s computer since the range is based in part on the former driver’s driving habits. After resetting it, it shows 223 miles, which is still less than the 250-mile EPA-estimated area, but this is due to the cold Chicago weather.

As expected, the cold weather limits Mach-E’s range, but not significantly. Instead, it is highway driving and consistently high speeds that are the main culprits. Jill still feels pretty good about the Mustang’s selection. In fact, her husband – who says he would never drive a vehicle that is not a manual and he is not interested in an electric car – would be fine with Mach-E. Even in the winter, he would not have anxiety about the range that drove 70 or 80 miles one way for his job.

The real problem Jill encounters is related to charging. She takes the time to take Mach-E to a public charging station and only adds about 1% in 45 minutes. She realizes that she actually used more energy just by driving to the station, but she does not have a level 2 charger at home.

Jill reminds people who are considering EV that it is important to have a level 2 home charging system. Connecting to her regular electrical outlet will take 96 hours to fully charge the Mach-E. With a level 2 system, the time drops to around 11 to 14 hours. Of course, this is something many of our readers are aware of, but you have to remember that there are brand new readers every day, and many people who watch these videos have no idea about EV. We’re glad Jill is aware of the charging situation.

Watch the video for full details. Then scroll down and let’s get takeaways in the comments section below.

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