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This Amazon Fire TV Stick and Four TV Cube deal should not be missed

Amazon's Four TV Stick gets a rare sale, with the streaming-set-top box also bringing the Alexa-powered Fire TV Cube into action. The two devices promise a simple upgrade for an existing TV to access both on-demand and live content, including TV shows and movies and music.

They also exploit Amazon's speech recognition technology, based on the idea of ​​asking for a movie or a show can be easier than tapping a keyword. In the case of the Fire TV Stick, it is compact enough – and sufficiently easy to set up – to be portable. Drop one in your bag and connect it to a TV in a hotel room is a good way to avoid expensive pay-per-view channels.

Usually, the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote will set you back $ 29.99. But in Amazon's limited offerings you can save $ 1

0 and get the Four TV Stick to $ 29.99.

As the entry level model in Amazon's media streaming setup, Fire TV Stick covers the basics. You will of course get access to the company's own Prime Video service for streaming content – with much of it free if you are a Prime subscriber – but there are also apps for third party services like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu and Showtime. Alternatively, you can get live content through providers like CBS and ESPN.

If you're looking for hands-free Alexa access, meanwhile and 4K support, Amazon has another campaign at the moment. Four TV Cube was launched earlier this year, a squared-off box that combines talents from both a Four TV media streamer and an Amazon Echo smart speaker. With it you can control the TV experience from the whole room without pressing any buttons first.

Usually, the Four TV Cube is priced at $ 119.99, but in Amazon's current campaign it is discounted to $ 89.99. It's a saving of $ 30. You can also get a Four TV Cube and Amazon Cloud Cam package, usually $ 239.98, but currently down to under $ 200.

Back when we considered the Fire TV Cube, was We were especially impressed with how good Amazon had updated the interface to handle a complete hands-off experience. It also supports Dolby Atmos, and can be used as a regular Echo speaker to answer questions and manage smart home devices like connected lights.

As always with Amazon's campaigns, it is not clear when exactly the three agreements shown today will run to.

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